Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, it's New Years Eve again. Time for everyone to look back on the past year and try to take in all the major events in our lives both personal and public. Did we have a good year? A bad one? Perhaps, it was a balance? If you had no health issues in your family consider yourself lucky, it WAS a good year.
It did not appear to be a great year for our country as the Wars in the Middle East continue, the economy has gone South (literally) and threats from enemies both internal and external have increased. We have focused a great deal of time, energy AND money in bailing out big businesses and we have continued to increase our nation's debt to absurd levels, with no end in sight. Is it the fact that our difficulties have increased so much or that we are simply paying more attention to things we may have ignored in the past?
As this year ends and we all hope for a better one in 2010 it is important to appreciate all those things which are going well in our lives but, to not lose sight of the difficulties and challenges ahead. Here's to a banner year ahead and for the ability to recognize the difference.

Monday, December 14, 2009


The amount of money that many big time college athletic programs are losing is appalling. Recent news stories suggest that many schools are using their general accounts to pay debts incurred by their (in many cases) lavish sports teams. Not mentioned is how this is laid squarely on the backs of all those students not getting a free ride and their parents, who in many cases are footing the bill.
Now let's be honest, there are many smart athletes but, if you look closely there is a multitude of "dopes" on most teams (especially football), who are taking up valuable space and funds that could be being used to actually educate someone might just make a life changing contribution to society.
The fact that these extravagant programs, lavish these athletes and coaches with expensive equipment, food, air travel, hotels, tuition, books etc. is disgraceful but, if we
Common sense would dictate that if you want to have sports fine but, the burden of the excesses causes by these sports should not be paid using any money from other areas of the university budget.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well in the battle for biggest moron contest, Al Gore is certainly in the running.  Everyone surely knows of Gore, a pathetic political figure who, despite his failures in politics has managed to reinvent himself as the number one defender of the the world's climate.  Gore has done a magnificent job of  being a step ahead of the curve on finding ways to keep himself out there and in finding ways to pad his fortune.  
Gore has discovered that becoming an environmental wacko has its rewards and proper placement of oneself as a leader of the movement of the Global Warming Loons.  You have to give this guy credit for being able to bamboozle millions of dolts worldwide with his message of too much carbon, too much human interference and the evils of American Industrialization.  
Even after recent emails were disclosed that show pro-climate scientists were fudging the statistics in order hide the actual decline in temperatures in the past ten years, Gore continues to slough off the reality by ignoring it, lying about it, and simply twisting the arguments to serve his own purposes.
Gore is as much a huckster and charleten as there is and continues to enjoy support among many of the ignorant Americans willing to believe anything a shyster like Al tells them.  It's amazing how many people will say they agree with Al or trust his distortions but, when you push them to explain, they can't.  
Gore and his minions have put America on a dangerous path which will further lead us to destroying ourselves.  It appears to be a race between he and Obama to see who can get it done first.
The final result of Gore's antics will be higher taxes, less jobs, destructive outside control of American resources and the continuation of the decline of our nation.  Thanks Al you J*ckas*!

Friday, December 4, 2009


What if 5 million Americans went to Washington, parked their cars on the outskirts of the city and began walking toward the Capitol to protest the way Congress, The Supreme Court and the President were running the country?   As this throng of protesters pushed their way toward the the center of the city, what do you suppose the Police and military would do?  Would they fire on the crowd or not?  Would it be a mass conflagration or giant cluster-F*ck of death?   Personally, I think they would open up on the crowd under the orders of superiors.  What do you think?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


How does it make any sense to involve more troops in a war and at the same time include a timetable for exiting the said war.  This is what President Obama has done with his speech last night at West Point. (or as Chris Mathews calls it, "enemy territory"), where he agreed to send 30,000 more troops to fight and at the same time mentioned a draw down to begin 18 months later. Considering that is might take nearly six months to get the additional troops in theater, by my estimation that only gives the troops 12 months to achieve all the military objectives necessary to defeat the enemy, clean-up, pack-up and then come back home.  
Is it me or is this a joke, nuts, insane?  What kind of Commander-in-Chief would put his soldiers in this kind of unrealistic bind?  Let me suggest it's one that is concerned about his re-election.   How much does this tell us about this guy?  In July 2011 he will be in the midst of his campaign and will be able to use this "withdrawal" as a gimmick to secure his second term.  But, what about the lives of the troops forced to fight an already unorthodox style of war?  They are forced to follow "rules" when engaging the enemy, we are not able to use our Air Force to bomb these terrorist bases, we have to worry about the death of civilians, or as in the recent case of the four Navy Seals facing Court Martial for punching a terrorist during his capture,  and now they have to worry about fighting a war with time constraints.  What is wrong with our leaders that the nation with the greatest military in history, with the greatest technological advantages, greatest most sophisticated weaponry is hamstrung by the idiotic rules of a**hole politicians of both parties.  
This is just another nail in the coffin our leaders are building for us.

Monday, November 23, 2009


The big buzz on the internet is the pornographic performance on the AMA's by Adam Lambert the runner-up on last season's American Idol.    Mr. Lambert thinks there is nothing wrong with simulating oral sex in his dance and then kissing his male piano player.
What a jackass.  Further reason this country is in the crapper.   No brains, no morals a deadly combination. 
I personally have nothing against gays but what I can't stand is this in your face behavior that seeks to legitimize being gay to the world.   If you want to be gay fine but it isn't necessary to show me in a public venue.  I feel the same way about heteros doing the same sort of thing.
Typical Hollywood, Music and Entertainment assholes continually trying to make a "statement to the world" and forcing their lifestyles on America.  Get a grip you smack-offs, the average American has enough troubles and issues and could care less.  You have a small minority of idiots following you around and making you think you are something greater than you are.  You're an entertainer, nothing more.  Let some of that air out your big head and don't feel you have to force your homo-ness on us.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Democrats or Republicans One and The Same

I don't foresee much hope for America as long as we have to pick between these two groups to select our leaders.  The biggest mistake folks are making is to think one side or the other is better.  They are all helping themselves and not so much helping the citizens.  They get in office and then you can't get them out for decades.  This is not what the Founders of our Nation had in mind.   There are groups all throughout the system that are corrupt and stealing from the taxpayers.  Fraud and corruption are a way of life in this political system of ours.  The Ideals and Morals are gone and we are on the decline much as Rome was but most are too stupid to see it.  Thankfully I had the chance to live in the greatest years of American, namely the 50's and 60's.  Sadly, those years will never come back nor will the people that made them so great.  Folks with a strong work ethic and a conscience.  Some things that are definitely missing today.  I feel bad for my children and grandchildren in that they will never know how great America was.  How simple, yet fulfilling those times were and the inspiration many of us got living in our country in those years.  I feel that our nation has been hijacked by small groups, minorities and outsiders whose goal is not for a better land but to line their own pockets and to have everything handed to them.  We are in the midst of the decline but the only question remaining is how long it will take till the total collapse.  Brought down not by outside forces or armies but from within.  Who would've thunk?


It should be clear to everyone that our country is headed for disaster.  Never before have divisions been so great and differences so unsolvable.  The two sides that call themselves "Liberal" and "Conservative"  have driven a wedge between us all that is being played out in numerous arenas.  There is almost no aspect of American life that isn't being argued over.  We are constantly bombarded on TV and Radio with the wail of these "Sirens" from the left and right.    Instead of entertainment the media has become the great "divider" of our nation.  Thanks to the continued drumbeat and harping of the "pundits" we are left feeling as if everything is hopeless.  Nothing can be agreed on or no issue can be finally resolved.  It is quite sickening to watch.  Part of the problem is the 24 hour news channels and their constant search for "breaking news" both real and imagined.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


After recent events in Iraq, I have come to the conclusion that American involvement there has become a disaster.  A disaster for both America and the Iraqi people.  There are more and more innocent people dying there daily.  Saddam might have been a nightmare but at least he could control the various factions and I am convinced the bloodshed would be less than today.  We worked with him in the 1980's but somehow decided he was the enemy in the 2000's.  Now we are bogged down there fighting a battle we can not win and don't have the will to continue in a way that might allow us to win.  Saddam is dead, the vacuum created has been devastating to the civilians and the bombers will continue their acts of terror until doomsday.  We should have continued our full concentration and effort in Afghanistan and kept our fingers out of the Iraqi pie.  This mistake has cost us greatly in many ways and will continue to do so long into the future.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


     It is now officially impossible to listen to talk radio or watch a cable TV news show and not feel that the sky is falling on this country.  The amount of pure hatred flowing from both sides, Conservative AND Liberal toward each other is unbelievable and unmeasurable.  Gone are the days of intelligent discussion between opposing sides.  There is no longer a desire to solve problems, only to force one's will and views on another.  It has become so pervasive in all areas of our society from the politicians to the media and even to average citizens.  When you read the kinds of things that are going on and the decisions that are being made you can only conclude no one gives a damn anymore.  Perhaps I have become so jaded and disgusted I'm not seeing the good.  Is there any left out there?  Please share it if you know.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Perhaps the most frightening thing about what is going on today in America is the slow and systematic efforts by certain people in government to silence their critics or those who oppose the far reaching control of big government.
One of the ways it is happening is the criminalization of anything even remotely oppositional to those in power and their allies.  Groups and individuals are being branded as hate groups regardless of the evidence.  Individuals are being criminalized for vocal opposition to things like abortion, gun control, illegal immigration and the like.  Those in power know that a surefire way to silence critics is to label these critics as someone who opposes the political correctness or any of its far-reaching tentacles.  In other words, a tricky way to make opposition or different opinions against the law, illegal or criminal.
If you oppose same sex marriage, you are branded a homophobe, if you oppose, gun control you are labeled a "right-wing extremist".  Opposing a black President's policies gets you branded a"racist."
Make no mistake this is all part of a larger game to choke off opposition and silence anyone not in step with the power brokers and special interests controlling the media, government, power and money. 
A recent pledge by the Oathkeepers to carry out their promise to protect the Constitution is causing that group to be closely monitored by government agencies like the Terrorism Task Force and the FBI and will soon get them labeled as a "hate group" or something else which will allow the government to squash them and their rights under the guise of protecting us.
Presently, we find ourselves in a frightening, sort of Orwellian period of America's history.  Our laws and rights are constantly being violated, our heritage is being washed away, true facts of history are becoming twisted into lies and half truths, the Christian beliefs, so strongly tied into the fabric of our nation are being eaten away with no end in sight.  Due to all these reasons and many others like them it is evident that the Great American Nation we have all known is going away.  This,  much like the fall of the Roman Empire, so well chronicled, with all its warnings,  is as inevitable as the Sunshine.  Our America is going away and what is replacing it will not be anything worth living in.  The decay is all around us and has taken many different forms.  It is only a matter of time till we are all consumed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paladin Paladin Where Do You Roam?

Paladin Paladin far, far from home!
I got to say that the inspiration for this blog comes from one of my favorite TV Shows as a kid. This western starring Richard Boone was along with The Wild Wild West my two favorites.
Do you remember this one? Perhaps you had another favorite from that era. Let's hear about it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Has there ever been a more reckless idiotic ex-president in the history of the United States? Carter was President during the era of 12% unemployment, 18% inflation and the greatest period of military weakness in US History. Now he is treated as if he was some great visionary and authority mainly because our neutered media refuses to call him out on his comments. Carter's comment that people opposing the current Socialist Administration at Tea Parties and other organized events are racist. Typical statement coming from a lefty like Carter whenever they are faced with the truth and can't come up with any factual evidence or proof to support their off the wall statements. He is so pathetic in resorting to this kind of generic claim.

Friday, September 4, 2009


 A recent article by Caroline Baum on highlights the disastrous direction we are being led by the Obama Administration in regard to the Healthcare debate. Ms. Baum clearly points out that Obama has already eclipsed the number of allowable gaffes that any fair minded person would be willing to allow someone in his position.
She points out that the President fails to explain how the government will provide MORE healthcare for LESS money, explain why increased demand for medical services without an accompanying increase in supply won't cause rationing, or why he touts a Medicare-like model when Medicare is going bankrupt. Baum notes a recent Obama quote at a town hall meeting where he is asked how private companies can compete with the government Obama's response was, "if the public option has to be self-sustaining--meaning taxpayers aren't subsidizing it.........." She goes on to point out the glaring weakness in Obama's response by indicating that government programs aren't by definition, self-sustaining, as the President incorrectly believes but , are subsidized by the taxpayer. For a person not to know this, especially an esteemed Harvard Grad, who happens to be President of the United States is inextensible.
She concludes that either he doesn't understand the health insurance reform plans in Congress or he does understand and is being "untruthful" about their impact.
So we are left to decide whether our leader is ignorant of this pressing issue or if he is just simply lying to us about it. Neither option inspires much confidence in him or Congress for not calling him out on these gaffes.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Forty years ago we were taught that George Orwell’s novel 1984 was fiction. Today this may no longer be true. As the government methodically expands its power and ability to pry into every aspect of our lives, we are dangerously close to making his vision a reality. There is little privacy left to us as the government now stands on our doorstep ready to put a lens into the keyhole, to make sure we are not inside smoking, paddling our children, or perhaps even praying to the wrong God.
Remember when you could make a phone call that wasn’t being, “recorded for quality assurance?” Can you recall the last time you went to a store that wasn’t filming your every move? Now when you go to the airport you can be eye scanned, fingerprinted and x-rayed right down to that little mole on your thigh. Mom’s old adage that you should always wear clean underwear really matters now.
Politicians continue to make more laws allowing this unending invasion into the privacy of individual citizens, while refusing to consider making any laws limiting their power, or their time in office. They continue to ignore the safeguards already provided in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Instead they use as their ploy, the nonsensical notion that it is a “Living Document” which can be formed and molded based on their whims and needs, instead of what it was intended to be, namely a firm set of rules by which to run a nation.
All of this while too many Americans are content to sit idly by preferring to bicker over which political party is better and which career politician is bringing in the most pork for them. Now that we have developed a mindset and a generation of citizens who are so totally dependent on government “doing” everything for them we have become like the oysters following the walrus. Expect these losses of liberty and freedom to continue and look for Orwell’s book to be moved to the non-fiction shelf, right next to, “The Fall of the Roman Empire.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It used to be safe to take for granted that information coming from the media, politicians and business sources was credible and truthful. That isn’t the case any longer. With the constant battling between the various media outlets and cut-throat competition among advertisers, it's getting more difficult to figure out what, is accurate.
Businesses and organizations have begun to push the envelope of credibility as well. The safest bet seems to be to doubt most information from all these sources.
My personal suggestions are; to those companies I call or who call me to conduct business, I no longer believe you are recording my call for quality assurance and to promote better service. I haven't seen any better service and I still can't understand most of your operators.
Attention politicians, I no longer believe in the word "sanctions". Please quit talking about them. We all know they don’t work! With your fifty years of sanctions against Cuba, they should have sunk into the Caribbean by now, yet Castro is still giving us the one finger salute. Yet you expect us to believe they will work against North Korea or Iran.
To the car dealers with your misleading ads, I don't believe you are going to sell me that brand new $20,000 car for $9,000, no matter how big the ad is. When I read your fine print I find I don't qualify for many of those numbers you are subtracting, and that part about the cash or trade of $6,000, kills the deal for me.
To all TV news people, you and your "Breaking News" about the cat in the tree or the pony getting loose, is a joke. You choose to get your stories out fast (and poorly) rather than accurately. Anyway, we know you steal most of your “news” from the print media. Then, there is the weatherman.........need I say

Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally some good news. Looks like Dan Rather is getting everything he deserves in his lawsuit against CBS. As you may recall ol' Dan was teed off because CBS canned his sorry behind because of his bout of story creating, instead of story reporting , regarding the military record of President George W. Bush. Seems it was more important to Dan to get some kind of story out to make Bush look bad. Since he was not one to let accuracy get in the way of some Breaking News, he decided to use some really bad "intell" and gave CBS quite the black eye. Well, what do they say about pigeons? Guess they are back roosting eh Danny?
Remember now, this guy was the replacement for the recently deceased Walter Cronkite, who more than likely got the job because of his nice hair, rather than his anchor desk skills. Since Dan had some pretty big shoes to fill and lacking the skill and believability of Walter, he decided to make up for it by developing the biggest Napoleon Complex in TV News History.
Realizing that his just "reporting" the news wasn't enough to feed this giant ego, it appears he decided somewhere along the way to just say stuff that sounded good, and blended with his political philosophy. When there aren't facts then make them up or go out to the crack house and find a source to quote. Where you can't verify then just mystify. Shuck and jive, duck and cover and dink and dunk, that's what this old news hound's sorry act became.
Now what a "pathetic" display as he tries to sue his way back to credibility. Forget it you Jackass, you lost that long ago. CBS gave you a free pass and a nice paycheck for 24 years and now being the cretin you are, your way of paying them back for putting up with your amateurish skills is to sue them. Ha ha, go away in the corner somewhere and disappear you washed up old geezer.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The state of Pennsylvania and its idiotic politicians from the Governor to the Legislature have gone a month without passing a budget. As a result of the efforts/or lack of, by these so called "public servants" state employees have gone without paychecks, schools can't develop budgets and state police have gone unpaid. In PA we have more idiots than our fair share, running state government. The governor is a sweaty jerk who only knows how to spend and spend then, tax to get more money to spend some more. A large group of legislators are no better. Finally, a small group of legislators are standing up and refusing to be bullied into voting for more spending legislation and a bloated budget. How long they can withstand the pressure and political threats no one knows. Our only defense is to vote all of them out of office.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


From the spring inside your pen to the most complex cancer fighting tools one should always remember that these were created by someone, some individual motivated by the economic forces of profit and the creativity of the human spirit.
The danger of government taking over all these jobs usually performed by the private sector is that they will only destroy this drive and ambition and thus kill the creativity and motivation of the entrepreneur . It is useful to remember that government does not build a better mousetrap but, rather it is the individual who serves that purpose.
The more government meddles the worse this situation gets. There is no question the future of this nation will be dismal with the continued over extension of government in our lives.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The ongoing Senate Hearings on the appointment of Sonya Sotamayor to the Supreme Court have become another symbol of how things have gone wrong in our country. What used to be a search for the best Jurist to serve on the nations highest court, has disintegrated into a partisan political affair. It is difficult and painful to watch this process unfold as the two opposing sides line up to either defend or denigrate this nominee. One would wonder why the Republicans loathe her so, when she was previously appointed to her present position by former President George H.W. Bush. Hopefully, she will be able to rise above the fray and if appointed, serve to interpret the Constitution and not to seek to use her position to make law. Too often in recent years some of the Justices have used their position to make law rather than just interpreting existing law. It looks like she will soon be approved, we have to hope that she does a good job and puts country ahead of sex, nationality or religion. If not our problems will only continue to grow.


We are living in a time of great distress and upheaval in America. Everywhere you turn there are serious problems and challenges against our nation, caused to a great extent by the lousy and corrupt politicians serving in our government at the present time. Without the benefit of term limits, it appears that this current system is collapsing rather quickly under its own weight. Politicians at the federal and state levels are making extremely poor choices in every area of our lives from economic to health care. In essence it is like watching an individual slowly self destruct yet, you feel powerless to help and you know it is only going to get worse and worse in the next few years,
All of those bastions of government that in the past have truly cared for the country are now helping the nation to its eventual demise. Politicians have become the most destructive force with their elitist arrogance and general stupidity. It appears that anything they touch, they destroy or at the very least cripple. Be it the military, health care, taxes, the economy and everything in between. Without the fear of being driven out of office they remain for long periods of time, decades in many cases, consolidating their control and influence over us. We are being duped by these schemers, to surrender our precious freedoms and rights. They are gutting this country, not quickly, but instead in an almost indiscernible slow and methodical way. Its like being eaten by a million ants, each taking one mouthful rather than being swallowed whole. Time is running out for Americans to stand up to this subtle take over. We must demand term limits and vote in opposition to all incumbents to allow for a new crop of untainted leaders to emerge. Then we must make demands on those politicians to return this country to its people. Follow its laws as written, remove all illegal aliens, deport as necessary. Stop paying American taxpayer money to fund these illegals. Punish any company that employs them. There are many grassroots websites and organizations springing up all across America. We must unite to take back this country or soon it will be too late.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Interesting story of the past week in that the new Republican "Messiah" has decided to forgo her final 18 months as Governor of Alaska and to resign in late July. Though the move "sent shockwaves" through the Republican Party, it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. It was proven pretty clearly this past election, that the Idiot American Voter would be very willing to vote someone in to the highest office in the land with only limited experience. Why bother finishing your term when you need two full years of attention to make a run at the White House. I'll at least give her some credit, she is being upfront about it. Bail now and put your full attention on the White House, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
This is a rather sick joke but, just another step in the general decline of America. It's happening on all fronts so no big deal that our politicians are rookies, especially when they can have one finger on the NUKE BUTTON. We need to come to grips with the fact that this nation, much like the Romans, is in serious and rapid decline. Where have all the Statesmen gone?


Well now that Michael Jackson has had his day perhaps we can go back to some semblance of normality in our own lives. The media frenzy over the funeral and memorial today was utterly outrageous and over the top. To have major networks represented at the the funeral of a pop star is beyond me and points directly to the crap that is TV News today.
Now one must ask how much of this is done to appease black folks. I have come to believe that it is my duty as a white working man, to constantly appease, please and generally take care of the black man. We want to keep him as happy as possible at all times. What a joke. A bunch of law breaking punks and thugs coming on and get air time to tell us we didn't honor the guy enough when he was living and perhaps we should feel guilty. Notice how the guilt trip is used in every aspect of black and white relations . Buying millions of his records, selling out all his concerts, mobbing him at every turn was not enough homage according to the likes of Al "Toot My Own Horn" Sharpton. After all MJ was the poster boy for the Civil Rights Movement. He was the Rosa Parks/MLK in his efforts in this regard----NOT. What a joke, AL "the pimp" was there to sell his wares. What does Al sell? Well sonny, he likes to sell the idea that the black folk ain't ever getting enough love from whitey and it is the white working man's duty to do what ever will make him and the other race-baiters happy. AL Sharpton had as much need in speaking at this memorial as David Duke would have. Michael Jackson may have been a lot of things but, he was NOT a leader in the Civil Rights Movement.
Don't get me wrong Jackson was very good at what the does, maybe the best in the world but shouldn't WE take a serious look at what is important to American's lives and survival. If you think it is always racial, then lets honor all the black soldiers that have given their lives in the recent wars, or the black cops who died while on duty, or the firemen. What about their memorial? Where is Anderson Cooper and Katie Curic for that?
How very sad that supposed professional news reporters are no better than the common scum of tabloid journalism.
Since Jackson's death over a dozen US Troops were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq---name ONE? Memorialize ONE? Can't can you?? Yet if I said, "What are the names of Michael's children, you would know that I bet. This nonsense is destroying our country and is about as disgusting as it gets.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Face it, Letterman is an old washed up ghost of his former self. In reality a creepy sort of old ghost, perhaps even the word perverted would sum it up At one time he was irreverent, funny and one of the countries best comedians. However, in recent years (many years) he has become a lampoon of himself. As boring and predictable and one can be. His comedy is generally Corny and funny only to himself and a studio audience of either nitwits or folks trying to be courteous to a washed up old hack.
It's pretty obvious that Letterman is a left leaning fellow and if at one time he use to appear to be neutral politically, he is certainly no longer that.
The recent flap over the tasteless jokes regarding Sarah Palin and her family demonstrate how far Letterman has fallen of the wagon. It might now be so bad but, he is so shallow and shameless in his attacks on the conservatives that any attempt by the viewer to pretend impartiality is non-existent. Now six months into the Obama administration he like others of his ilk, continue to bash the previous President and his administration. Regardless of all that which is so pathetic of this guy his recent "jokes" have crossed a line in their crudity and perversion.
At one time we Americans could disagree with a politician, perhaps even dislike him or her strongly but there was still able to that respect for the office itself. It appears that has even gone away as people like Letterman and some others disparage the person so greatly that it even affects the office itself. David Letterman is a poster boy for that which is bad about this country and its politics. Of course we can continue to hide behind the first amendment when cornered for the Lettermanlike behavior. Sadly this whole late night comedy stuff is eating away slowly at the pride, strength and fabric of our nation. Bit by bit, in very tiny bites. Much like the ant eating the apple. It will take a long time and the bites may only appear noticeable but if given enough time the whole apple will be gone. Way to go Mr Letterman, way to go! Your behavior and attitude are disgusting.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I think it's time that we in America face a few facts. (And) Yes, before you ask they are facts, borne by statistics and just plain old common sense. If you read newspapers, blogs, watch TV news or listen to the radio, you should notice that we are constantly fed a stream of headlines and stories over and over that, if you pay attention to reality, are simply not true, not working or not ever going to work.
First, it should be noted that in relation to so called "dangerous" nations, the idea of "sanctions" have not, do not, nor will ever work. Think about it, we have been imposing "sanctions" on North Korea for decades and yet they are still launching missiles and building WMD's. Same goes for Iran and yes even little old Cuba is still giving us the finger after 50 years. The continued "joke" of sanctions hasn't stopped a thing there either. We have been led to believe that these folks have been living like cave people, close to starvation and deep in poverty for years. So, a few weeks or months of sanctions should put them over the edge. Well take a look at the reality. It "ain't happening and it shows no sign of happening, so let's get passed the bullshit and quit given us this nonsense. I can't figure who is more stupid the government for trying to sell us on this crap or the idiots in the media for buying in to it.
Secondly, the garbage notion that we have a free, independent and unbiased media is surely the biggest, fattest lie in history. When are people going to wake up and see that the media has an agenda. Whether it's liberal or conservative, left wing or right wing, they all have an agenda, plain and simple. Oh yes and lets all keep playing the fool and pretend it isn't so. It used to be something behind the scenes or at least more subtle but, no longer. The bias and political leanings of our fourth estate are exceedingly clear and evident. Now they have taken to bashing each other during the news casts or daily in print. All one has to observe are the weekly "feuds" between folks like Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olberman or Rush Limbaugh and Olberman or almost any right winger and Olberman. It is a constant drumbeat of spats between Ann Coulter, Shawn Hannity or Glenn Beck on the right versus Bill Mahar, John Stewart and
the previously mentioned Olberman on the left. It's amazing how they work in their stinging criticism of the other side in between the so called news stories they report. What a total joke! Wake up people.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Two of the toughest things to accomplish are: getting paint off your dress slacks and, trying to figure out how so many people in this country have developed such an unchecked sense of entitlement. It has become quite obvious that there is now in America an ingrained culture of folks who believe its their sole right to get everything for nothing and, that it is the sole responsibility of others to provide it.
A generation of people has grown into this "solid as concrete" mentality that who they perceive as "rich people" (which really means working middle and upper middle class folks) must provide everything to them that they would otherwise have to work to obtain. Be it Welfare, Food Stamps, Subsidized Medical Care, Free Lunches, Free Legal Advice, Birth Control, Free Bus Transportation, Free Education, WIC Programs, Free Housing etc. According to this ingrained from birth mentality, all of these are owed to them and are part of our responsibility to provide.
How does one become so tainted? How it may be asked can a person become a constant taker and in essence a leach on society. Very simple, you prey on the generosity of some, the guilt of others and use all the tools provided to you by the liberals who have carved out a niche in the cottage industry of victim-hood. This is all they know. The takers will soon outnumber the givers, then what?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

America Under Coordinated and Long Term Attack

This attack on America was begun back in the 1960's and continues on through today. It has been moving quite slowly and methodically on many fronts within American Society. It has been waged against the family, the church and the foundation of our system of education.
The attack has been woven in so carefully into the fabric of our society that it is nearly impossible to see unless one looks in the mirror. It is woven into our culture, attitudes, customs and everyday life in such a way that one participates in this deception many times without being aware.
Political arguments are twisted in a way that one doesn't deal with the issue hand but is tricked into a secondary conflict about the other persons race, gender or sexual persuasion. Suddenly, the man arguing with his neighbor over the loud music he is playing is now diverted from that issue to defending himself because that neighbor happens to be a minority.
Presently, it appears very difficult to battle this monster because it is so in bedded in our psyche and has been such a deep rooted part of people for the past 40 years.
We are being destroyed form the inside and we are fiddling. Can you say, "Goodbye America?"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's really hard to fathom how stupid politicians can be but time after time we get reminded. Every day examples of the idiocy come out in the news. Today's winner is a lawmaker by the name of Jeff Eldridge from West Virginia who has decided to focus his energy and resources on banning the Barbie Doll. Why you might ask? Well his reasoning revolves the "bad body image" created because so many young girls want to look like Barbie.
Suddenly, after 50 years the idiots of 2009 have decided we need to protect young from the evils of this doll. Really, what is wrong with a young girl wanting to look like Barbie? Fit, in shape and clean are evidently not worthwhile goals for today's young girls. I'm guessing this genius would be much happier with, fat, dirty and out of shape.This just shows you how far stupidity has come in to the forefront in this country. For generations this doll has been a favorite of young girls and has never hurt anyone. But in today's era of correctness, in the mind of this dolt, we must eliminate this threat to national security.
What will tomorrow's stupidity be? We'll have to wait and see.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Being that this is my first entry I thought I would welcome myself to the world of blogging. This blog is designed to be my outlet to comment about the events occurring in the country and to some degree, the world.  I must say up front I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat and in fact I am quite disgusted by all sides. I believe that there are many of you out there that feel the same way.
We are all sick of the crooked politicians and they way we do business in this country nowadays. Between the thieving and corrupt bankers and investors to the disgusting behavior of many politicians from the state to federal levels, it it easy to see why so many Americans are honked off.
My intent is to vent my frustration on this blog rather than in the streets--for now. I do think that is coming in the very near future. It's already happening in Europe and most certainly will spread here, it's just a matter of time. Hopefully, as I vent and identify things that tick me off, you will find some point of agreement and chime in as well. Perhaps this mutual venting will do us all some good while we are waiting for the country to implode.