Sunday, February 10, 2013


I haven't posted for several weeks and I thought I'd stop by to explain.  Basically, I've just run out of juice for the time being on the Paladin's Square Blog.  With the election results being as they were, I have to admit it's taken some of the wind out of my sails and add that to the fact that I really never was able to build up much of an audience here, I've decided to limit my posting to one or two a month.  It doesn't seem like it's worth the time and effort when you don't have many chances for discussion of one's posts or much  interest in what I'm saying on here. 
I accept the blame because I realize that many times my effort was not the greatest but, it's tough to keep pushing on when nobody is interested.  I would even have appreciated some anti-Paladin comments but, I couldn't even drum up any of those.  

I think when we bloggers write we like to think our words are golden and will draw reaction from readers.  I guess it helps to know how to run a blog a lot better that I do.  I just like to write but not necessarily work hard enough to push the blog out there.  Just bad at that part I guess.   At one point I had three separate blogs going and I think that helped me burn out a lot faster. I have pretty much shut down my local blog and I am now toning this one down significantly so I can put more focus on my Satire Blog.  

To the couple of people who stopped by here on occasion over the past few years,  thanks.  I would ask that you keep me in mind and maybe check back when you have time as I will be on here a couple of times a month (I hope).  I will still be scouring the net and making comments on blogs and websites and working on my other site a bit more,