Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'll Bring This Right Back Sir
Ah, apple pie, ice cream, sunshine, and of course that All-American pastime...........LOOTING.   Nothing says "there's an emergency in the area" like the local bands of looters that show up almost anytime a disaster hits.   Why is it that this kind of behavior primarily occurs in the metro-areas and so much less in the country or rural areas?  Why so much in the Blue States and so much less in the Red States?  Think it's just an accident?  
Might it be the fact that more folks in Red States are armed?  I wonder?  Could it have something to with the kind of people that live in these areas?  I wonder?   Can your starving family EAT that TV you are carrying out of the store?   Tell me Mr. Looter Sir, why do you LOOT?

Saturday, August 27, 2011


1.  Named or tried to name  tax evaders to his cabinet?  (re:  Geither, Daschle)

2.  Was found to be a disciple of Barry Goldwater?   (re: Bill Ayers)

3.  Bowed to other World Leaders  (re:  too many to name)

4.  Gave Lucky Texas Horseshoes to the British PM & the Queen?   (Re:  Think  DVD's & IPod)

5.  Appointed an AG that allowed the KKK to intimidate black voters?   (re: Black Panthers)

6.  Was shown to be a community organizer for the Texas Tea Party?  (re:  ACORN)

7.  Refused to produce a copy of his Birth Certificate  (re:  Do I have to say?) 

8.  Wrote on his hand to remember talking points?  (re: teleprompter)

9.  Presided over prolonged double digit unemployment?   (re:  hahahahahhaha REALLY?)

10.  Started a War without Congressional Approval  ( re: Libya)

11.  Continually violated the Constitution?  (re:  I don't have 2 hours for this post)

Anyone care to pick up from here?

Friday, August 26, 2011


Take That!!!
Is there anything more enjoyable then seeing someone get their comeuppance, particularly when it's done with humor and backed up with examples and facts?  I especially enjoy it when the person or people getting said comeuppance, think(s) they are pulling something on the rest of us, and that we will blindly and stupidly believe it, just because they said so.  
A few weeks ago, I came upon this article by Mark Ciavola, (who if you choose to Google him will show up to have an interesting back story) and found it to be one of the best "slap downs" I've ever come across.  
It breaks down the recent Democratic TV Ad where the young college types are all telling us why they are Democrats.  It is a bit of a longer read but, if you take the time to read it, you may be impressed as I was by how much this gentleman "faced" these airheads.

FYI  Ciavola is the State Chairman of the Nevada College Republicans and President of the College Republican Chapter of the University of Nevadaat Las Vegas.  The article was originally published on Nevada News and Views Website. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


How Many is Too Many
What is the number of screw-ups, bad decisions, catastrophes, calamities, recessions, depressions, mistakes, misappropriations, miscarriages of justice, displays of arrogance, condescending or unpatriotic actions,  lack of good judgement, prejudice, disrespect, disregard for laws, deceitful, intemperate, dishonorable, acrimonious, antagonistic, boorish, haughty, incompetent, egotistical displays or vacations,  is a President allowed before most people would agree he is doing a lousy job? 
What should the threshold of a truly patriotic and concerned American Citizen be?  How much rope do you give a guy? 

You tell me.  (BEFORE you ask,  NO I'm not going to give examples)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 If you are paying attention you don't need an explanation for any of these.   You also know that there is a long term plan in place to achieve these as well. 

1.  Wreck the Family

2.  Provide Welfare for Life

3.  De-value Human Life

4.  Litigate Everything to Paralyze Everything

5.  Promote Ignorance of History and Government

6.  Tolerate Drug Use

7.  Force Diversity

8.  Overtax the Worker/Producer

9.  Allow Unfettered Growth of Government 

10.   Police the World

11.  Allow High Unemployment

12.   Be Soft on Crime                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Friday, August 19, 2011


 # 1.               OIL

# 2-100      SEE NUMBER 1

Saturday, August 13, 2011


What's All The Fuss About?
      I could have sworn that the end of the world was coming very soon but, evidently (and thankfully) I was wrong.  It made me think a bit how fickle we are about events (even major ones) and how influenced we are by what the media feeds us or puts in our heads at any given time.  Think of the major catastrophic events that have occurred recently and were guaranteed to cause our destruction but, you haven't heard anything about lately.

(1) The Gulf Oil Spill-Where in the hell did that story go?  Wasn't this going to destroy the entire Gulf for fishing, vacations etc., and then spread around the world as the Earth emptied itself of all its oil?   Everything must be OK down there because I haven't heard a peep about this event for months.

(2) The Japanese Nuclear Disaster-I always thought a nuclear meltdown was something really serious.  I guess not, I haven't heard this mentioned for weeks and weeks.   I guess a few Nukes going off here and there really wouldn't be such a bad thing after all?  Wonder why they scared the shit out of us back in elementary school with all that duck and cover crap? 

(3)  Y2K-Planes falling out of the sky, nukes launching themselves, communications down around the globe.  Well you know........all the usual BS.

(4)  The melting polar ice caps and the movement of glaciers-WTF?  Where have you gone Al Gore?   I thought for sure this one was it.

Well hopefully, you get my point.  It doesn't appear that things we are told (or think) are nearly as serious or worrisome as we may have thought.  Well that is good news I suppose. 
So when that comet hits us head on, maybe it will just be a flesh wound, right?  I don't want to worry needlessly you know. 


Friday, August 5, 2011


Please Help Me Quit
One of the best ways to help this country climb out of the mess we are in, is to introduce the concept of "term limits" into all levels of government, particularly the Federal and State.  Now, we all know this is something that the lifetime politicians are well aware of,  yet, they try to avoid its discussion like the plague.  When you are riding a lifetime gravy train, as many of these people are, it is not hard to figure out why they don't want to support changing to a system that would effectively limit their power and influence, and do so voluntarily.  Obviously, in order to get these leeches off of their addiction to permanent political office, is going to take some effort by the rest of us.  It is critical to pressure those in power to install limits on their terms.  But, realistically we know they won't, so we must do it ourselves.  As voters it is incumbent upon us to vote out anyone who has been in office eight years or more, regardless of their political effectiveness or their political party.  We have to "help" these addicts find the door when the time comes.
Nothing would clean up the political system and the crud we are experiencing at all levels, more than the rotation of the individuals holding these elected positions.
The fact that these folks can continually get themselves re-elected for decades, allows them to build up an unhealthy level of power and influence, which is dangerous and does not serve the best interests of the nation.  Having a politician serving in the Senate or House for 20, 30 or 40 years is not what the Founders intended nor, should it be something we Americans of today accept.  This is not much different than having a Monarchy in which the king has absolute power and control for his entire life.  These political positions were to be held for a short time, by men who wanted to serve their state or nation, then move on back to their original life's work.  What we are seeing now is a raping of the system by  career politicians, who parlay their longevity in office into jobs for friends and relatives, and create for themselves a base of power that they use to influence way too many things, not intended for them to control.   
If we are to clean up the mess at the federal and state levels of government, we must promote two terms,  or a maximum of eight year limits for anyone elected in the House or Senate in Washington, and in every state capital as well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Get That Damn Thing Off Me
Well, if anyone out there needed further proof as to whether the politicians in D.C. were more interested in fu*king up the country, then making the tough choices necessary to pull us back out of the quagmire they have created, last night's vote on raising the debt ceiling should pretty much clear it up for you. 
It's evident that there is a fundamental, yet catastrophic division in this country.  It appears to me that we have two clearly opposing forces at work here, and I just can't see any way back to unity. 
One side is made up of Americans who have a strong work ethic, who want their government to be involved in their lives only to the extent necessary to preserve the freedoms and opportunities granted to all by the Constitution.  Their view is that they, not the government, are responsible for themselves and their families.  They are self reliant folks that meet all  obligations to family and country, without the need for force of government.   Independence and Constitutional principles and law and justice mean everything to them.
On the other side, you have a group of Americans who in some ways are similar to the first group but with some glaring differences.  This group has many members who are second or third generation recipients of government largess.  They and their parents, (though many may be good people) believe in the benefits of a massive government, and that it is useful in solving  their problems, and is there to provide for them, in every possible way.  They lack the motivation for independence and self reliance and have become so dependent on outside forces to care for them and their needs, that many have forgotten (or never learned) how to be responsible for themselves.  They chose the easy road of expecting some large, shadowy force to provide for them.  Many of these folks claim to respect the Constitution but, their actions say otherwise.  To them the rules and laws of the nation are meant to be followed when convenient and bent or ignored entirely, when not.  
It's equally unclear to me as to how we can fix these problems now that we are dealing with a group of people in which these beliefs are completely ingrained.  It is no longer a choice for many of them.  It is all they know.  In my view, it is impossible to deal with people who have developed these attitudes and beliefs to the point they have become part of their DNA.  It's like asking a man with no legs to dance with you...............impossible.    
It seems as if our government and our nation are headed over the abyss with no parachute or net to break the fall.  The frightening thing is to imagine life here 20, 30 or 40 years from now.  The reckless and destructive policies of our politicians and the emergence of a large segment of Americans, who have neither the skill or desire to avoid catastrophe are coming together in the perfect storm, which will signal the end of the American Empire as we know it.  RIP