Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Get That Damn Thing Off Me
Well, if anyone out there needed further proof as to whether the politicians in D.C. were more interested in fu*king up the country, then making the tough choices necessary to pull us back out of the quagmire they have created, last night's vote on raising the debt ceiling should pretty much clear it up for you. 
It's evident that there is a fundamental, yet catastrophic division in this country.  It appears to me that we have two clearly opposing forces at work here, and I just can't see any way back to unity. 
One side is made up of Americans who have a strong work ethic, who want their government to be involved in their lives only to the extent necessary to preserve the freedoms and opportunities granted to all by the Constitution.  Their view is that they, not the government, are responsible for themselves and their families.  They are self reliant folks that meet all  obligations to family and country, without the need for force of government.   Independence and Constitutional principles and law and justice mean everything to them.
On the other side, you have a group of Americans who in some ways are similar to the first group but with some glaring differences.  This group has many members who are second or third generation recipients of government largess.  They and their parents, (though many may be good people) believe in the benefits of a massive government, and that it is useful in solving  their problems, and is there to provide for them, in every possible way.  They lack the motivation for independence and self reliance and have become so dependent on outside forces to care for them and their needs, that many have forgotten (or never learned) how to be responsible for themselves.  They chose the easy road of expecting some large, shadowy force to provide for them.  Many of these folks claim to respect the Constitution but, their actions say otherwise.  To them the rules and laws of the nation are meant to be followed when convenient and bent or ignored entirely, when not.  
It's equally unclear to me as to how we can fix these problems now that we are dealing with a group of people in which these beliefs are completely ingrained.  It is no longer a choice for many of them.  It is all they know.  In my view, it is impossible to deal with people who have developed these attitudes and beliefs to the point they have become part of their DNA.  It's like asking a man with no legs to dance with you...............impossible.    
It seems as if our government and our nation are headed over the abyss with no parachute or net to break the fall.  The frightening thing is to imagine life here 20, 30 or 40 years from now.  The reckless and destructive policies of our politicians and the emergence of a large segment of Americans, who have neither the skill or desire to avoid catastrophe are coming together in the perfect storm, which will signal the end of the American Empire as we know it.  RIP

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