Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's hard to understand when this country stopped giving a shit about its own security.  No doubt it has a lot to do with all the liberalism that's been floating around for the past forty years or so.   Through the stupidity of the left, and in the name of diversity, and the constant droning about racism, we have allowed almost everything to go in in this country that works against the best interest of all legal American citizens. 
There is a big difference between being against immigrants and opposing illegal immigration.  The goofy liberals and the illegals love to blur that line.  It is not the same thing.  There is a process set up for people to become an American,  stop the crap and follow it!
Allowing the nonsense that is Illegal Immigration to go on as it is disgraceful and dangerous.  It spits in the face of what this nation is all about and will lead to unrest as more legal Americans build up resentment to those entering improperly.  Of course, don't expect much help from Congress or the President since they both like to play to the Hispanics in order to win votes for their own reelection.   The sign on the front door should say, Welcome to America," while the sign on the back must read, "stay out!"

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