Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The 2012 election will most likely be the last in America's History ff Obama and the Democrats win, that is.   It's likely that if Obama wins and gets to spend four more years at the helm of the nation, we will be,  for all intents and purposes, done for.   With the kind of leadership we are getting from Obama and his minions we will be lucky to get past this first term, yet alone a second.  OK America I hope you got it out of your system.  You voted for the incompetent semi-black guy, just to show everyone and yourself, that you are not racist AND in fact, are quite enlightened , and now he has put us on a path to national doom.  It's likely to affect us greatly,  but, the really worse effects will be felt by our children and grandchildren.  We are setting them up with a third world country in which to live.
The previous paragraph was a message to all those bleeding heart white-folks who wanted to make themselves feel good.  If you have any sense you will consider carefully in 2012.  Stop worrying about looking good and start focusing on doing what is right for America.  
Now as far as the black or Hispanic folks reading this, I am hoping you can somehow break yourself of the habit of forever voting Democratic (no matter how much you convince yourself they are really looking out for you).   I'm assuming that no matter how much you may dislike or blame "Whitey" for the sins of a FEW of his great-grandfathers,  I'm sure you too are interested in preserving this country for your decedents as well.  Four more years of the Obama Administration jeopardizes all that. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Unite or Else
It's time for the Republican Party to unite with the Tea Party and focus the candidate options to three or four or else we are going to get another four years of this dog and pony show called Obama/Biden.  
The longer the candidates duke it out, the nastier it gets and the more it helps the other side.  Unity is the best solution and if people are calling themselves Republicans and are just faking it as conservatives then, it's time for you to move along.  
Four more years of this and our country will be in the ash heap.  Nothing or nobody it too big to fail.  You would think they would have figured that out by now. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Is this Real?
Sometimes I wonder if there really is a working Constitution in this country.  I keep hearing about it.  I see articles about it in newspapers and magazines.  I see TV shows that talk about it and I even hear discussions of it on the radio.  The bottom line is , I'm not really sure it it actually exists.  It's more like the Loch Ness Monster story to me, than a real thing.  
What makes me wonder is when I see the obvious violations of the document occurring over and over.   For example, the recent Healthcare debate and the fact that the government is trying to force everyone to purchase healthcare insurance comes to mind.  Though the Constitution seeks to prevent the uncontrolled power of government we continue to see attempts to circumvent the document and worse yet, we see far to many judges willing to allow it.  The  mandate of forcing every American to have health coverage is a current example, there are many others.  Even as far back at 1916 with the passage of the 16th Amendment creating an Income Tax, we see examples that ignore the intentions of the Founders.  
There is a constant attack on the Constitution and its intent.  In Article I Section 1, there is a provision indicating the three requirements to become President.  Despite having only three specified requirements, there is some discussion as to whether the current occupant of the White House may be in direct violation of the "natural born" portion these requirements.   We Americans love to talk about imposing "Democracy" on people all over the world.  We are involved in wars seeking to do just that yet, we can't see to respect the supreme law of the land ourselves.  How can we expect others with no background in democracy  to espouse our system of government and its laws when we ourselves continually try to circumvent it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The battle for the soul of the country is in full swing at the moment, as the liberal left and the diversity crowd, do their utmost to tear apart what was once the greatest nation in the world.  
The tradition and Constitution loving conservatives are stepping up to battle these forces of evil at every turn.  The odds are difficult, because the liberals will never fight fairly, nor will they acknowledge facts that they don't like, or evidence no matter how clear it is.  Conservatives must muddle through everything from the tactics of the  lying liberals, to the accusations of racism hurled by the race-baiters.  Despite the long odds,  conservatives have taken to the Internet and other non-traditional media, to defend their positions and lay out their facts.  Fortunately, these avenues are available today since the main stream media is just a mouthpiece for the left, and is not dependable when it comes to reporting the facts.
It is worrisome however, because as the conservatives age and die off,  it doesn't appear that there are enough replacements to continue the battles,  of promoting  the true values and traditions of this nation.   Conservatives need to work fast to straighten out the country because eventually they will be engulfed by the ever growing population of "takers" and all will most certainly be lost.  As for now it is important for conservative and right-leaning Americans to continue forward to wage the battles that this confrontation with the left-wing, destroyers has created. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Man or Woman
Out Kennedy'ed His Wife
There was a crooked man

Serious but Stupid
Off to Obscurity
Unfunny Girl
Scary as Hell

Very Not Funny