Sunday, May 1, 2011


In this great land of cultural and racial diversity, there is no ethic or racial group that can rival the "African" American in their need/willingness/desire to slap you in the face with a proclamation  of their "origins."   
Yes,  we have proud Polish-Americans, proud Italian-Americans, Irish, German and all the rest but, none is quicker or more "in-your-face" with their pronouncements of ethnicity than the black man.  
What makes this all humorous, is that in talking with the Polish, German, Italian guy etc., you can get a pretty good discussion of the history, politics or geography of their native lands and you will usually find someone well informed of their roots.
However, in talking with most "African Americans" and bringing up topics relating to  Africa, its nations, politics or history, most have no clue.  None, zero, zip, nothing.   What is amusing is that they are the first and LOUDEST to shout the praises of their "African-Americanism" despite not being able to identify anything noteworthy of their ancestry.  I'm wondering what percentage could even point to Africa on a map.  
Then there was the story a couple of years back about the college student from Egypt that tried to get minority preferences because he was an "African" American.  After all, he was from Africa (Egypt is in Africa) and he was an American.  However logical this all was to many folks, the guy was shot down because those in power didn't think his "color" was African enough.  In other words, "black" enough.  Now if this isn't the greatest proof of the true racism involved in the whole bullshit process of minority preferences, then nothing is.   This guy was way more African than many of the so called standard black "African Americans" that it wasn't even funny. What a bunch of crap.  And the funny thing was he really knew things about Africa.  
Now I suppose I'm being painted as a racist  for pointing this out but, the truth of the matter is it's an honest observation I have made over many years and encounters with folks of all kinds.  This is just something I have noticed,  have an opinion on, and to some degree find humorous and worth discussion.  
I don't think things in this country will ever improve as long as we continually divide ourselves into separate groups based on past historical origins.  This is the kind of stuff that works to keep us divided, not united.   If you want to go around shoving your ethnicity into everyone Else's face, regardless of what you are, then at least learn a little bit about what it is you claim to be so proud of and quit trying to use it as a weapon to get your way.

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