Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Face it, Letterman is an old washed up ghost of his former self. In reality a creepy sort of old ghost, perhaps even the word perverted would sum it up At one time he was irreverent, funny and one of the countries best comedians. However, in recent years (many years) he has become a lampoon of himself. As boring and predictable and one can be. His comedy is generally Corny and funny only to himself and a studio audience of either nitwits or folks trying to be courteous to a washed up old hack.
It's pretty obvious that Letterman is a left leaning fellow and if at one time he use to appear to be neutral politically, he is certainly no longer that.
The recent flap over the tasteless jokes regarding Sarah Palin and her family demonstrate how far Letterman has fallen of the wagon. It might now be so bad but, he is so shallow and shameless in his attacks on the conservatives that any attempt by the viewer to pretend impartiality is non-existent. Now six months into the Obama administration he like others of his ilk, continue to bash the previous President and his administration. Regardless of all that which is so pathetic of this guy his recent "jokes" have crossed a line in their crudity and perversion.
At one time we Americans could disagree with a politician, perhaps even dislike him or her strongly but there was still able to that respect for the office itself. It appears that has even gone away as people like Letterman and some others disparage the person so greatly that it even affects the office itself. David Letterman is a poster boy for that which is bad about this country and its politics. Of course we can continue to hide behind the first amendment when cornered for the Lettermanlike behavior. Sadly this whole late night comedy stuff is eating away slowly at the pride, strength and fabric of our nation. Bit by bit, in very tiny bites. Much like the ant eating the apple. It will take a long time and the bites may only appear noticeable but if given enough time the whole apple will be gone. Way to go Mr Letterman, way to go! Your behavior and attitude are disgusting.