Thursday, June 24, 2010


Below is a list of current politicians with perfect records.  No sex with employees, stole no money, did not give any favors, are intelligent, understand the Constitution and are great role models.

       ***Really now what did you expect?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I started thinking the other day how the innocence, promise and direction of America has been hijacked over the past 30 years or so.  Lost is the innocence of our youth, what with drugs rampant, the constant emphasis on sex, the acceptance of the violent thug culture, the mind numbing reliance on technology, the decaying of our schools and the corruption of values by TV, music and Hollywood.
Also being destroyed is the American Spirit of self reliance, the work ethic of our parents and grandparents and the creativity of individuals, which helped shape the nation.  We have completely tied ourselves up in knots as we constantly worry about being diverse, politically correct and all inclusive.  This high-jacking has been perpetrated right before our eyes and we seem powerless to stop it.  What was the America of my youth is gone, never to return.  The strength of  our nation has ebbed and those behind this calculated take over, the politicians, the Hollywood  leftists, the race-baiters, the illegals,  the criminals, the liberal judges, the failing public school system and all the rest, will soon be able to stand above the nation's dying corpse, laughing and taunting us as America takes her final breaths.  I long for what was America and an end to this impostor that has replaced her.

Monday, June 14, 2010


     After reading numerous articles in the newspaper regarding the difficulties many of our communities have paying for road repair, water and sewer line replacement , demolishing buildings, electricity, and even snow removal, I realized that no one appears to be asking the million dollar question,  "Where is OUR Stimulus money?"  How can it be possible that billions upon billions have been spent yet , we see almost no useful infrastructure improvement in our communities?  Shouldn't  that kind of spending kill two birds with one stone, by providing jobs, and making all these needed repairs?  Instead, the Stimulus was  wasted on bailouts and many questionable projects as well as,  the usual waste and corruption that goes along with every government activity.  Meanwhile, our community roads crumble, sewer and water lines age and bridges deteriorate.  The Sunday drive has become the Sunday "bounce", over pothole filled roadways.  Heavy rains bring continual flooding to local communities since money is not spent on permanent solutions.  Instead, political pork projects, such as the Murtha Airport, take precedent over desperately needed ones.
       Recent comments by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh are proof of what we already know, Washington (and Harrisburg) are cesspools of partisanship and massive government bloat, waste and mismanagement. He admits that for the most part, Congress is ineffective and spends its time between political bickering and campaigning for re-election.  We should  be impressed by his candor and forthrightness in verbalizing those thoughts.  His comments since announcing he will not seek re-election, are refreshingly blunt. You know things are falling apart when the insiders are this disgusted.  Yet we the voters continue to fiddle while America burns, content to reelect the same career politicians over and over again. Isn't it logical to assume that if some of these career hacks have been in Congress 30, 40 or even 50 years and things are this screwed up, that they are the problem and not the solution?  If Bayh is correct it should come as no surprise that things are as mismanaged as they are.  In the upcoming election we need to "retire" as many of these incumbent politicians as possible , since  most don't know how to step away gracefully on their own.  If you still need a reason, think of it as helping an addict kick his habit.  It's something you can feel good about.

Monday, June 7, 2010


My wife watches the three WORST categories of TV Shows ever put on TV.  First, she watches Soap Operas.  Boring, can't stand them.  Does anyone really think that people really live like that?  All they do is jump from bed to bed, fight over ownership of the "company," and talk in annoying whispers.  I absolutely hate them but, I'm stuck listening to this garbage when I am in the house.  
Another type of show she watches is the annoying shopping channels like QVC and HSN.  Not only does she watch but occasionally, she even buys something.  I can't take the idiotic hosts of these shows who shill the products and make each item sound better than the one before.  This ring is the greatest ever made, until the next one is shown then it becomes the greatest.  The overuse of the word 'gorgeous" is also sickening.  I usually do a count of the word just to drive my wife a bit crazy and believe me it is used dozens of times per hour to describe their jewelry. 
 Every item is gorgeous and every aspect of the gorgeous item, is gorgeous.  It is PATHETIC.
Lastly, she likes to watch the morons on HLN, namely Jane Thelez Mitchel, Mike Galanos and the worst of the worst, that pucker faced dimwit, Nancy Grace.  I would rather poke myself in the eye with an icepick than have to watch these jerks but, when it's on and I'm in the house, I'm stuck listening to it.  BOMBSHELL Nancy you and your cohorts SUCK!  I just don't have a nicer way to describe these ambulance chasing, tragedy loving shysters.  They are soooooo phony about not convicting people before they are found guilty or even charged for that matter.  They try to cover themselves while convicting the poor sucker they are talking about, by constantly tossing out the word, "alleged"   Attention Jane, rather than racism, I think what YOU do is a mental disorder!  What a pile of trash!  Sadly, this is what America has become with the advent of these 24 hour news channels. 

Friday, June 4, 2010


Just a few things that really get to me.  See if you agree or not.  Perhaps you may want to add a few of your own.
(1)  WHY do so many businesses with crash doors at the entrance always have one locked?   I nearly broke my wrist a few weeks ago walking out of a local convenience store because they had locked the one crash door and I go out in full stride and, like a bird crashing into the window, I'm nearly knocked out.
(2) Speaking of those same doors, WHY do people exiting a building, try to go out the left side door all the time.  Don't these folks know that this is AMERICA and we are supposed to go TO THE RIGHT, just like when driving?  You know what I mean, you are walking in to the local grocery store and reaching for the door on your right and some moron come flying out that same door (his left) and nearly knocks you over.  
(3) How about the goofy amber traffic lights that never have the same timing before changing to red?  Many times you are into the intersection as the light is still green but before you can get through, the damn light is red because the FREAKING amber light is two seconds long.  There should be a law that makes ALL amber traffic lights five seconds long.  This way drivers would have a much better sense of timing.  
(4) Finally, how about those damn disclaimers that are 500 words long and flash on the screen for four of five seconds?  Also, there are the ones in the micro mini print in the newspaper or what about the ones on radio that the guy reads at 100 words per second?  You really can't tell what the guys is saying but all you can make out are words like: "death", "rapid heart beat"  "blindness", or "four hour erection."  It's OK for the pharmaceutical companies to kill us but, not good old Doctor Kevorkian.  At least the good doctor is truthful and clear on what he is going to do to you.  
     I don't know what bugs anyone else but, the items on this list really piss me off and I'm going to guess, that if you think about them, you will agree.  Please add to the list in the comments section.