Monday, June 14, 2010


     After reading numerous articles in the newspaper regarding the difficulties many of our communities have paying for road repair, water and sewer line replacement , demolishing buildings, electricity, and even snow removal, I realized that no one appears to be asking the million dollar question,  "Where is OUR Stimulus money?"  How can it be possible that billions upon billions have been spent yet , we see almost no useful infrastructure improvement in our communities?  Shouldn't  that kind of spending kill two birds with one stone, by providing jobs, and making all these needed repairs?  Instead, the Stimulus was  wasted on bailouts and many questionable projects as well as,  the usual waste and corruption that goes along with every government activity.  Meanwhile, our community roads crumble, sewer and water lines age and bridges deteriorate.  The Sunday drive has become the Sunday "bounce", over pothole filled roadways.  Heavy rains bring continual flooding to local communities since money is not spent on permanent solutions.  Instead, political pork projects, such as the Murtha Airport, take precedent over desperately needed ones.
       Recent comments by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh are proof of what we already know, Washington (and Harrisburg) are cesspools of partisanship and massive government bloat, waste and mismanagement. He admits that for the most part, Congress is ineffective and spends its time between political bickering and campaigning for re-election.  We should  be impressed by his candor and forthrightness in verbalizing those thoughts.  His comments since announcing he will not seek re-election, are refreshingly blunt. You know things are falling apart when the insiders are this disgusted.  Yet we the voters continue to fiddle while America burns, content to reelect the same career politicians over and over again. Isn't it logical to assume that if some of these career hacks have been in Congress 30, 40 or even 50 years and things are this screwed up, that they are the problem and not the solution?  If Bayh is correct it should come as no surprise that things are as mismanaged as they are.  In the upcoming election we need to "retire" as many of these incumbent politicians as possible , since  most don't know how to step away gracefully on their own.  If you still need a reason, think of it as helping an addict kick his habit.  It's something you can feel good about.

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