Monday, October 31, 2011


Well here they come and right on cue at that.  I'm talking about the latest "revelations" regarding the supposed sexual harassment by Herman Cain against a couple of women that supposedly occurred while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990's.  
Sounds very much like the same crap Anita Hill pulled on Justice Thomas (who at that time could be said was a victim of Borking) during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court.  I would have bet a dollar to a donut that this was going to start as soon as Cain became a more serious candidate.  This kind of crap has to be on page one of the looney liberal left-wing playbook.  Prepare for an onslaught of this garbage not only directed at Cain but at Perry as well.  We already know about the rock outside the entrance to a camp Perry's father owned, so I guess it's already begun.  The trick is to distract the masses from the issues and focus them on some sleazy side-show attraction.  
The test will be how thick of a skin Cain has.  I expect he will be fuming about this kind of thing a lot more than a career politician might, since they tend to be used to it.  We shall see.


Illusion of Freedom
It's taken me a long long time to realize that freedom really doesn't exist in this country to the extent I had initially believed,  and it hasn't for quite a long time.   I was one who, like so many others, drank the Kool-aid and spent the majority of my youth actually believing the propaganda I was taught in elementary and secondary school.  The propaganda about how we had rights and freedoms and could do whatever we wanted to (as long as it wasn't against the law) because "it was a free country."  Or at least that's how we interpreted it.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard or made that statement myself, as I was growing up.  As kids we used to think that it meant we could do almost anything we wanted to since, "it was a free country."  Now of course, over many years, I've come to realize that wasn't quite true.  We couldn't do just anything, because there were some limitations and restrictions to this unbounded freedom.  There were parameters, a boundary if you will, within which you had to practice these freedoms and rights.  I believe,  as we were taught about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we took our minimal understanding of it and ran with this newly discovered knowledge and took it way too far.   I had a friend who once told one of our teachers that he couldn't make him stand with his nose on the back wall for misbehaving since, "it was a free country."  After he got paddled for mouthing off and his dad came to school and whacked him again, he became an early and important lesson for the rest of us in beginning to realize that these rights and freedoms weren't as unlimited as we believed.   Johnny came to learn that the hard way.  Yeah, he was free to a point but not in an unlimited way.   It was an eye opening experience to say the least.
I came to believe over time that what we had in America (despite the limitations) was still a pretty good deal.  I could still do a lot of things that I wanted to do.
However, in the last 10 years or so, I have been observing more and more encroachments on freedoms.  These encroachments appear more and more common in our daily lives.  In listening to the government, their reasoning many times is, it's for our own good, or some version of that. (there's a surprise)  If you consider everything from the TSA's pat down policies, the fact that where you live determines if you can purchase a gun or not,  the increase in police powers regarding search and seizure, the increased use of Eminent Domain, the use of Social Security Numbers as a form of Identification, the denial of permits to law abiding citizens for everything from guns to assembly requests or, just about everything in between, one can realize the overall significance (and increasing nature) of these encroachments.  
I realize I'm preaching to the choir regarding how much the government has infiltrated our daily lives and has taken over duties that in the past were performed by parents or dealt with within the family but, it is, in my opinion, worth being reminded, in order to stay vigilant regarding this troubling trend.  Much of this can slip by us without resistance because of the slow progression of it and the fact that much of it goes on without any notification.  We don't become aware of it until it affects us directly, and of course, by then, it is much too late.  It's like being eaten by ants except, it's by one ant at a time.   
It's proven to me that limited government is useful and can be a great partner in a free republic but, just as that is so, massive government bureaucracies and interference, can be deadly.   Sadly, when you have a large portion of the population that thrives on this bloat and largess, and who don't want it to end, because they benefit from it, we have the turmoil that we see around us today.  How we deal with this in the near term will have an unprecedented impact on America's future and whether or not we have one.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We're Here Cause ...........
There is no better feeling  than having a cause to die for much like the protesters at the Occupy Wall Street protest.  Additionally, there is nothing better then to be able to put your thoughts and goals into words.  If you haven't heard this interview, and you can get past the fact that it's Howard, and a bit of cussing, it is quite humorous to listen to these "well spoken"  and "highly educated" defenders of a cause, as they speak their minds. 

Howard Stern Interviews OWS Protesters



Since the  Dear Leader has solved another problem and is looking for more ways to save us, or should I say his re-election chances.  Maybe you would like to make a suggestion or two on how he can best serve his country?   Please feel free to add to my short list.


1.  Take Mooseshell in for her 60,000 mile check up.

2.  Get that damn citizenship thingy straightened out.

3.  Intervene in the NBA Contract Talks

4.  Sit down to model for his addition to Mount Rushmore

5.  Have Seal Team 6 over for a photo op

6.  Issue an executive order that the Kenyan National Anthem must be played at all sporting events.

7.  Order the killing of a few more foreign leaders to increase his odds of winning another Nobel Peace Prize

8.  Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

9.  Appear on Dancing With The Stars

10.  Start Packing

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Focus only on what's important !
Can it be that way too many Americans have become so focused on paying way too much attention to all the wrong things?
Instead of  paying attention to the fact that we are fighting in two major wars,  engaging to a lesser extent in a third, and now sending troops into a fourth, or that the economy is pretty much wrecked beyond repair, or that we are still in the midst of a nuclear catastrophe in Japan,  the emergence of a nuclear Iran,  or reeling from the effects of a massive oil spill in the Gulf and a host of other critical problems,  we are more interested in Casey Anthony,  Dancing with the Stars, the behavior of idiotic Hollywood celebrities, multimillionaire athletes, what the Kardashians are wearing or, who will be the next top model.
As a result of so many Americans being distracted by and obsessed with moronic issues, the real important and relevant ones are ignored totally, or else given a bare minimum of attention.
Things like crime, education,  the growing threat from China and Russia or the global financial meltdown, are barely a blimp on the disinterested, average American's radar.   Face it, the average "dumbed-down" American "doesn't know or give a shit" about what's going on in the world. 
Who ever thought we would be able to say that the biggest hindrance to America's long term survival and success would be the "AMERICAN PEOPLE?  What the hell has happened to us? 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One thing is for certain and that is, Obama must be ousted in 2012.  That is number one, the main thing, the big enchilada, BO MUST GO!
However, the problem presents itself on how to go about assuring this becomes reality.  Now it's not that BO isn't doing his best to help the cause, what with all his screw-ups, failed policies, idiotic associations, weak appointments and generally lousy record but, with the Republican field splintering the right, my general fear is that BO will trip, fall, stumble backwards and fall back into the Oval Office.  Another four years of this disaster and we might as well Nuke ourselves.  
My hope is that a standout candidate emerges sooner rather than later from the Republican field.  
After much consideration I've decided that it is counter-productive for me to say I like each candidate a little bit and keep myself waffling  and indecisive.  As a result, I've decided that I'm going to attach myself to the Herman Cain bandwagon and ride it till the wheels fall off.  I'm going into this knowing there are going to be things about him I'm not going to always like but, I'm thinking it's getting to rug cutting time and so there it is.  I am now at peace and can be assured of a good night's sleep.    Not to mention how good I already feel about myself  for supporting a "real" 100% black man AND he is American for God's sake.  Now I'm going to wait for all my conservative friends and family to see the wisdom in this decision and jump aboard the Cain-Train!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm not sure I'm strong enough to tolerate another Presidential Campaign that is going to last for the next 13 months.  Is it me or doesn't it seem like we just finished one a few days back?  
Somewhere along the line, I'm not exactly sure when,  these election cycles have been starting earlier and earlier.  It's now to the point that they are beginning about half way into the incumbents term.  It's just plain nuts to be going through this nonsense well over a year before the election.
One of the things I believe would help would be to change the Constitution to allow the President to serve one, six year term.  instead of two four-year terms.   Not only would it delay the onset of this perpetual electioneering, it would save the taxpayers billions of dollars.  For example, instead of having six elections in a 24 year period,  the number would be reduced to four thus, sparing us two election cycles over this time period.  While we are at it, let's allow Representatives to hold their office for four years instead of two.  The two year term may be the most ridiculous cycle of all.  We elect a representative, they serve the first year and then must start campaigning in the second.  Quite crazy if you want to admit it.  
Finally, we need to make these terms limited in order to prevent these lifetime politicos from gaining a stranglehold on the country.  
What do you think?  Longer terms but limited terms?  Who's with me?