Monday, October 31, 2011


Well here they come and right on cue at that.  I'm talking about the latest "revelations" regarding the supposed sexual harassment by Herman Cain against a couple of women that supposedly occurred while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990's.  
Sounds very much like the same crap Anita Hill pulled on Justice Thomas (who at that time could be said was a victim of Borking) during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court.  I would have bet a dollar to a donut that this was going to start as soon as Cain became a more serious candidate.  This kind of crap has to be on page one of the looney liberal left-wing playbook.  Prepare for an onslaught of this garbage not only directed at Cain but at Perry as well.  We already know about the rock outside the entrance to a camp Perry's father owned, so I guess it's already begun.  The trick is to distract the masses from the issues and focus them on some sleazy side-show attraction.  
The test will be how thick of a skin Cain has.  I expect he will be fuming about this kind of thing a lot more than a career politician might, since they tend to be used to it.  We shall see.

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