Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Focus only on what's important !
Can it be that way too many Americans have become so focused on paying way too much attention to all the wrong things?
Instead of  paying attention to the fact that we are fighting in two major wars,  engaging to a lesser extent in a third, and now sending troops into a fourth, or that the economy is pretty much wrecked beyond repair, or that we are still in the midst of a nuclear catastrophe in Japan,  the emergence of a nuclear Iran,  or reeling from the effects of a massive oil spill in the Gulf and a host of other critical problems,  we are more interested in Casey Anthony,  Dancing with the Stars, the behavior of idiotic Hollywood celebrities, multimillionaire athletes, what the Kardashians are wearing or, who will be the next top model.
As a result of so many Americans being distracted by and obsessed with moronic issues, the real important and relevant ones are ignored totally, or else given a bare minimum of attention.
Things like crime, education,  the growing threat from China and Russia or the global financial meltdown, are barely a blimp on the disinterested, average American's radar.   Face it, the average "dumbed-down" American "doesn't know or give a shit" about what's going on in the world. 
Who ever thought we would be able to say that the biggest hindrance to America's long term survival and success would be the "AMERICAN PEOPLE?  What the hell has happened to us? 

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