Saturday, October 27, 2012


Looks Like A Saint in Comparison
After all the garbage being pulled off by the current President and the rest of his incompetent administration I don't think anyone can ever think of Richard Nixon the same way.  With the ongoing lies, dodging of questions and outright disgraceful actions of Obama and his gang of henchmen, it's pretty evident that if the mainstream media went after him with even one-tenth of the effort they went after Nixon during the Watergate Era, Obama would have already been impeached and tossed out of office.
Nixon was a saint compared to this guy.  He may have covered up a misdeed to protect his friends,  not the right thing to do but, what appears to be going on now with the Benghazi Terrorist Attack and the information coming out regarding how our diplomats and countrymen were abandoned at the embassy by our dear leader is an absolute national disgrace and Obama and his administration should be held liable for their inaction.
No one should ever again say anything negative about Nixon's actions.  They pale in comparison to the in-actions of Obama.   Remember no one died as a result of Watergate.  The same can't be said of Obama's role in Libya. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm beginning to believe the widest gap in America is not between rich and poor, as we hear about so much.  I think the gap is more about smarts than it is anything else.  As I watch the news, TV,  and observe people I see in my everyday life, I am becoming much more awed by the sheer stupidity of so many Americans/people in America, that it scares me.  We, as a society,  have become so "dumbed down" , uninvolved, uncaring and just plain stupid, it makes me wonder how we can survive into the future.
Yes, I know there are still lots of smart people out there.  Yes I know many are smarter than me.  Yes I know it's not you either (since you are smart enough to be reading this).  Let me start with how this election and the many "man on the street interviews" and the comments by many who support the candidates (especially Obama) have convinced me beyond a doubt that I'm right about this.  Did you ever listen to some of these clueless dingbats?  It you haven't, listen a bit closer to how clueless many of them are.  They speak in generalities, give answers that make no sense or that are based solely on emotion and not intelligence.  There is no thinking or forethought in their responses, nor do they show any grasp of facts or reality.  "I'm voting for Obama cuz he gonna give me a check," shouted one loon.  "I'm gonna vote for Obama cuz he gonna make Welfare better.  Or you hear the ones that attempt to address an issue but, have no understanding of what they are talking about, so as to make their answers as brainless as can be.  And on in goes in American politics.  NO wonder the candidates bank on just fooling people all the time.  They don't have to worry about  being straight up with a large portion of this population.
Of course this intelligence gap goes on in many other areas of our lives.  How can intelligent people watch the Kardashians, Jersey Shore or Honey Boo-Boo?  The entertainment industry was lost long ago but, it seems to be getting worse.  So much TV is just lowbrow garbage yet, the ratings for a lot of this sh*t are through the roof.  It's depressing to think how far we've fallen from the days of our grandparents, who looked at life a bit more seriously.  Yes I know, sometimes too much so but, despite not having a higher level degree, they never allowed themselves to become as stupid as many are today.
Did you ever watch  the Jaywalking portion of the Tonight Show?  Then you certainly know how dumb people can be.  
Our culture is being threatened, turned upside down, if you will, by our lack of smarts, our dumbing down by choice mentality and our lack of interest in smartening up.  This will only serve to hasten our demise.


Last night's debate moderator, Bob Scheiffer, made a slip of the tongue that was immediately picked up by most every news outlet, newspaper and blog in the county. His goof was to call Osama Bin Laden, OBAMA Bin Laden.   This isn't the first time we've heard this slip up by folks in the media.  It was just an honest mistake and I don't think Scheiffer got raked over the coals for it, nor should he.  Sometimes you just say something wrong that you don't mean to say.  I'm giving him a mulligan on this because I don't believe it was intentional nor preplanned.  
I wonder however, how it would  have been played by the rest of the media, had the comment come from a more conservative source like Rush Limbaugh or Allen West.  I would be willing to bet they would be crucified.  Just goes to show the state of politics and the media in this country today.  There is truly, without a doubt, a double standard. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The number and content of all the political ads we are being subject to have become unbearable a long time ago.  The lies, the exaggerations,  and fact that most don't talk about why a certain candidate would be better, but rather, why the other candidate is evil, have risen to the most disgusting levels ever.  
The ads in every campaign from the presidential, all the way down to the county races, are nothing but negative garbage.  Voters are treated as if they need to be tricked into voting for a candidate only because the other guy is so bad and not because the one they are voting for, has accomplished anything of worth in his or her life.  
All one has to do is look at the presidential race and the ads in that election.  It is a really deplorable state that our political system is in.  I've gotten to the point that I tune them all out and just read various sites on the Internet because I can be much more selective in what I subject myself to.  I'm certain it will never get better and in fact, only get worse.  
I realize that dirty tactics in political races are nothing new, but, in today's America, the dirt is constant.  If only voters were smarter. 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Pick Your Poison
I'm convinced that voting Barack Obama back into office (which may happen), would be a vote for national suicide.  Now let me say before all you liberals start your high-pitched screaming, it's not a Democrat/Republican thing.  It's not even a liberal/conservative thing.  It's an American thing!  There are plenty of Democrats I could live with and even support to some degree but, to re-elect this guy, based on his lack of accomplishment, lack of any great successes in domestic or foreign policy,  and his continued failed economic policies, it's just not possible, is it?  
It's like this guy is made of Teflon.  No matter how bad the things are that he does, no matter how weak he is in almost every major area of concern to most Americans, he continues to cruise along, unscathed.  I realize part of that is because the main stream media is shielding him in many cases but, come on, really.  
I've just made up my mind that if he does get back in, Americans have just decided to fall on their swords.  It's national hare-kari, plain and simple, so I guess I'll just have to live with it, as will everyone else.  I know this isn't the best the Democrats have to offer but, I'm aware that it's politics.  It is, sadly, how the game is played.  Obama jockeyed himself into position four years ago and there would be no chance of replacing him on the ticket because, that's how it goes.  
I'm pretty sure the same goes for the Republicans and Romney.  He is a survivor of the bloodbath that was the Republican Primary, so he is the man.  Probably not the best choice either but, this time around for me it's, anyone but Obama.  When it's all said and done, the American political system is a mess and there won't be any change without a revolution.  It would be interesting to see how it would play out after that.  It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the government that took it so easy on the Occupy protesters, would fire on Conservatives and the main reason would be, the Patriots would be armed as well.  I'm very concerned for our nation's future regardless of this election but, four more years of Obama would hasten the deterioration.