Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm beginning to believe the widest gap in America is not between rich and poor, as we hear about so much.  I think the gap is more about smarts than it is anything else.  As I watch the news, TV,  and observe people I see in my everyday life, I am becoming much more awed by the sheer stupidity of so many Americans/people in America, that it scares me.  We, as a society,  have become so "dumbed down" , uninvolved, uncaring and just plain stupid, it makes me wonder how we can survive into the future.
Yes, I know there are still lots of smart people out there.  Yes I know many are smarter than me.  Yes I know it's not you either (since you are smart enough to be reading this).  Let me start with how this election and the many "man on the street interviews" and the comments by many who support the candidates (especially Obama) have convinced me beyond a doubt that I'm right about this.  Did you ever listen to some of these clueless dingbats?  It you haven't, listen a bit closer to how clueless many of them are.  They speak in generalities, give answers that make no sense or that are based solely on emotion and not intelligence.  There is no thinking or forethought in their responses, nor do they show any grasp of facts or reality.  "I'm voting for Obama cuz he gonna give me a check," shouted one loon.  "I'm gonna vote for Obama cuz he gonna make Welfare better.  Or you hear the ones that attempt to address an issue but, have no understanding of what they are talking about, so as to make their answers as brainless as can be.  And on in goes in American politics.  NO wonder the candidates bank on just fooling people all the time.  They don't have to worry about  being straight up with a large portion of this population.
Of course this intelligence gap goes on in many other areas of our lives.  How can intelligent people watch the Kardashians, Jersey Shore or Honey Boo-Boo?  The entertainment industry was lost long ago but, it seems to be getting worse.  So much TV is just lowbrow garbage yet, the ratings for a lot of this sh*t are through the roof.  It's depressing to think how far we've fallen from the days of our grandparents, who looked at life a bit more seriously.  Yes I know, sometimes too much so but, despite not having a higher level degree, they never allowed themselves to become as stupid as many are today.
Did you ever watch  the Jaywalking portion of the Tonight Show?  Then you certainly know how dumb people can be.  
Our culture is being threatened, turned upside down, if you will, by our lack of smarts, our dumbing down by choice mentality and our lack of interest in smartening up.  This will only serve to hasten our demise.

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