Monday, October 1, 2012


Pick Your Poison
I'm convinced that voting Barack Obama back into office (which may happen), would be a vote for national suicide.  Now let me say before all you liberals start your high-pitched screaming, it's not a Democrat/Republican thing.  It's not even a liberal/conservative thing.  It's an American thing!  There are plenty of Democrats I could live with and even support to some degree but, to re-elect this guy, based on his lack of accomplishment, lack of any great successes in domestic or foreign policy,  and his continued failed economic policies, it's just not possible, is it?  
It's like this guy is made of Teflon.  No matter how bad the things are that he does, no matter how weak he is in almost every major area of concern to most Americans, he continues to cruise along, unscathed.  I realize part of that is because the main stream media is shielding him in many cases but, come on, really.  
I've just made up my mind that if he does get back in, Americans have just decided to fall on their swords.  It's national hare-kari, plain and simple, so I guess I'll just have to live with it, as will everyone else.  I know this isn't the best the Democrats have to offer but, I'm aware that it's politics.  It is, sadly, how the game is played.  Obama jockeyed himself into position four years ago and there would be no chance of replacing him on the ticket because, that's how it goes.  
I'm pretty sure the same goes for the Republicans and Romney.  He is a survivor of the bloodbath that was the Republican Primary, so he is the man.  Probably not the best choice either but, this time around for me it's, anyone but Obama.  When it's all said and done, the American political system is a mess and there won't be any change without a revolution.  It would be interesting to see how it would play out after that.  It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the government that took it so easy on the Occupy protesters, would fire on Conservatives and the main reason would be, the Patriots would be armed as well.  I'm very concerned for our nation's future regardless of this election but, four more years of Obama would hasten the deterioration. 

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