Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I always enjoyed Jon Lovitz when he was on SNL.  Something about him was just funny.  It could have been his expressions, that pained look he could produce,or maybe just the goofy characters he portrayed.   After listening to him on this clip from The Daily Caller, , I got to say I like him even more.  Caution as you can imagine there is some heavy profanity.  
Hopefully, it's only the beginning of more liberals waking up to what is going on.  He only talks about tax policy but, man you can apply it to almost everything else.  Kudos to him for having the guts to speak out.  I'm sure he knows he will be under attack from the liberal left now.  Heaven forbid you go against the grain.  Way to go Jon.


Well Are You???
It's not really that hard to believe that people can be as stupid as those in this video.  It is somewhat sad, disturbing and aggravating at the same time.   It's distressing to see people in 2012 who are dumb enough to give key personal information to a stranger.  This is probably just one small example, and we wonder why the country is headed in the direction it is.  With a populace this dimwitted it certainly explains how Obama and others like him can get elected.  Pay attention to how the reporter is treated despite the fact they knew she was filming it all.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I just read this article and thought it was so spot on that the best thing I could do is share it.  I think it really lays out clearly what is happening right before our eyes.  The politics of division is Obama's key strategy for 2012.   Question is, will it work or not.  With the track record this guy has, it's stunning to think that he would get any support for reelection.  Of course we know who is going to vote for him and why.  Maintaining our nation, it's heritage and freedom,  is secondary to those with an agenda that includes; taking from others, getting a free ride, making welfare a lifestyle choice, promoting racism etc. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This Vessel is Full

1.  If a President does everything he can to destroy a country and the media ignores it, is it really happening?

2.  If a President has already risen to his highest level of incompetence, is it necessary to give him four more years?

3.  How much damage can one man do to a country before people catch on?

4.  Is resistance to tyrants really obedience to God?

5.  If the Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, is there any hope left for us?

6.  If the time has come when vain and aspiring men possess the highest seats of Government, can we find the experienced patriots to prevent its ruin?

7.  If the greatest quality of men is to rise up after a fall, will Americans ever walk again?

*.  Will America rebound to flourish once again or are we living in the Fall of the Roman Empire 21st Century version.

WHAT IF I SAID........

It was OK for men to marry girls as young as eight or nine?  Would you like that?  Would you go EWWWWW?  Would that really make you sick and piss you off?  
What if I suggested that it's a good idea for a man to have three or four wives?  Or perhaps, if I promoted the idea of you and your sister marrying each other?  Might that all sicken you?
Well, just hold on to your anger and outrage for a second while I put another thought into your head.  I'm not opposed to anything people choose to do in the privacy of their own home but,.........
Wasn't it just a few years ago that you had those same feelings of anger and disgust when thinking of two men marrying each other or, two women?  Wasn't there a time when you had that anger when thinking of men openly kissing other men, or women kissing other women in public?  But, today of course we have been manipulated into acceptance of this behavior and many others which at one time were as disgusting to us as those examples at the beginning of this post once were.  In fact, we are not only forced into acceptance, we are now forced into silence when we might want to voice our objections to it.  We should be vigilant,  for soon you may be preparing your daughter for elementary school and her wedding at the same time.


I don't get this one at all.  A radical Muslim hates Americans and Europeans so he kills Americans and Europeans.   A radical guy from Norway hates Muslims but, kills Norwegians?  Don't get me wrong I'm not in favor of murdering anyone, anywhere at anytime but, I am a big fan of logic.  This is not logical.  If you have been paying attention to this nut, you will also find out that the Justice System in Norway is also nuts. 
This guy is allowed a one hour soapbox to disseminate his nuttiness and the prosecutors shake his hand.  Apparently his may get 21 years in prison for killing 77 people, including many children.  TWENTY-ONE YEARS!  WOW!  That's less than six months per person...WTF???

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This clip pretty much summarizes Obama's plan for America.  Based on what's happened so far under this lightweight and his sad sad associates, it appears to be pretty accurate.  No budget in three years, no plan to deal with North Korea, failed economic model (can't even call it a plan), worst unemployment and jobs.  I could go on but, if you've been paying attention, you already know. 


Sunday, April 15, 2012


Now the Secret Service is under fire.   Is there no area of government that is clean and scandal free?  Is there no agency that has not embarrassed itself left in Washington?  I guess not.   I always liked to think that this agency was untouchable when it came to scandals or misbehavior.  Well, I guess now that ship has sailed.  It's hard to believe they weren't carrying some counterfeit cash along to pay for their prostitutes.  Now the stories are coming out that it involves some military men as well.  How sad and embarrassing, as well as dangerous to act this way when given such immense responsibility like protecting the President of the United States.  You have to assume that this kind of stuff has been going on for a long time and they finally just got caught. In fact I do recall some stories regarding JFK's detail when they were in Dallas.   Perhaps their defense could be that they were only protecting the President from STD's? 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


These guys appear to be growing faster than the National Debt. I suppose it's a microcosm of America today but, wow this is pretty sad.  Growing up I don't recall more than a couple overweight players in the league.  It seemed like with most Americans of the past, there was a bit more pride in one's appearance, and in looking the part for work.  Especially is you were doing a job that put you in the public eye.  Take a gander at these "athletes" and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In reading multiple sites around the internet I've come to the conclusion that if everyone who bitches about Obama actually gets out to vote in November, his defeat will be assured.  Of course I know I read a lot of Conservative sites so what should I expect but, I have to say I also read a lot of middle of the road sites and I find the the anti-Obama sentiment appears about two or three to one.  Of course even if all these folks get out to vote, they will still be up against an army of dead people, illegal aliens and multiple voters.  On second thought, it may not be so easy.  Bet the dems are out at the cemetery right now, signing up voters. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Is This Better
Or Is This Better
There are hens, there are cows, bitches and then there are twats.  No not that kind of twat.  I'm talking about the kind of twat that cackles unmercifully, talks over itself, is generally a liberal loon that spews a mountain of left wing ideology, is full of stupid ideas and doesn't have a grip on reality.  There is nothing more annoying than twats with a soapbox that gives them access to millions of homes, and thus the minds, of millions of simpletons, who suck up their twatisms like the vacuum at the car wash.  Sometimes they are like nails on a chalkboard, sometimes they are like the hot poker in your eye and sometimes they are like your favorite Mexican dinner coming back up the wrong way after a long night of shooters. 
Did you ever notice that any time you are out in the morning or afternoon, at the hospital, doctor's office or pretty much any waiting room, the TV is locked onto this idiocy.  It must be a way to increase your pain tolerance before you go in to have that tooth drilled or, that gash stitched up.  But, since I've had to suffer through this a few times lately, I thought I'd try to get some votes as to the most annoying/irritating of the twat shows on TV. Feel free to add your own. 


Before I start let me say that I know why it's done but, that doesn't mean I have to like it.  Regarding Rick Santorum's announcement today that he is "suspending" his campaign like so many others have done before him, rubs me the wrong way.    To me you are either running or you are not.  Only in American politics can you play around with reality like this.  Rick Perry did it, Herman Cain did it and soon Gingrich will be doing it as well.  In my opinion, it's all BS.   How can you be allowed to "suspend" a candidacy, when you have no intention or possibility of reentering the race?   
It's probably a silly thing to get irritated about, considering all the other problems we have but, it just reinforces my belief of how everything in this country is "fixed" in some way to help the elite class.  Why can't candidates be permitted to just quit and still allow donations by willing contributors to help pay off their debts?  Why play games with the reality of what's going on?  Because they can I guess!
I wonder if I could suspend my life a bit so as to allow me to catch up with my debts?  Maybe just a little while, till I decide to get back in again?

Post Bonus:

Well here's more bad news in the early going.  I just don't get it. 


Thursday, April 5, 2012


If this whole thing weren't so life and death serious for the future of this country, it would make for the greatest TV laugh track of all time.  It would be the greatest comedy show in history.  It might even be the funniest moment in all of history.  Chocolate Thunder versus the Vanilla Milkshake.  Sergeant York versus Sergeant Slaughter.  The Man Who Would be King versus Richie Rich.  The Biggest Loser versus Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  OK, SORRY FOR THE AWFUL INTRO.
What has befallen this great country?  This is the best we got?  So this is it?  OMG! WTF!
A proven loser who's policies and record seem to indicate his desire is to destroy the country, or an out of touch gazillionaire, who inspires...........oh let's see..................NO ONE!  This is it then?  Our best choices for leadership of the greatest country in the history of the world.  So this is as good as it gets?   F*CK we are screwed again.  Once again we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I'm going to have to hold my nose in the voting booth, AGAIN!  How is it possible that a country with 300 million people have an important choice come down to these two?  What the hell is wrong with the system that gives us this kind of option?  Let's see.......would I rather jump off the Sears Tower or stand in front of the Bullet Train?  
I'm beginning to think we used up all our great leaders at once.  Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, Paine, Jefferson.....................Obama, Romney???  We already know that the Democrats and their madly destructive policies SUCK but, I must now say once again, (did it in '08 TOO) PISS on you Republicans for presenting us with these "Little Sisters of the Poor" options!!!  (Forgive me Father Joe)
For some reason this brings to my (crazed) mind a quote from John McKay, former coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.  After another painful loss near the end of another disastrous season, McKay was asked by a reporter, "What do you think of your team's execution today?"  To which McKay calmly replied, "I think it's a great idea!"