Sunday, August 26, 2012


Help is on the Way
With the great difficulty America is having with it's economy at the present time, there is a never ending amount of promises being made to us by our illustrious politicians.  Whether it be from the President or Congress, whether it's a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, one thing is for certain and that is, their willingness to get behind a microphone and promise us the moon.   Of course most times their promises aren't worth a pint of piss, nor can they ever be held accountable because of the spin and outright lying that occurs,  It doesn't appear that there are going to be any good solutions coming to us from the current AIG ( assholes in government), regarding "fixing" the economy.  After all, their belief is that they can give us any old BS line and we will buy it lock, stock and barrel.  Unfortunately, this technique works because we have an immensely large number of stupid, uninformed citizens in this country at the present time but, that is a topic for another post.
Well, I propose a very simple solution that would help get jobs back in this country.  I suggest that a law be passed which states to all American businesses, that they must produce 30% of their products in this country, if they wish to sell their product in this country.  That's it, very quick AND simple.  You want to sell here, you have to produce one-third of your product in the states AT A MINIMUM.  
I know it sound very simplistic and it's something easy to blow off but, I truly feel it would work.  Consider this my contribution to improving things in America for today.  Don't thank me, just send money.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Anyone paying a little bit of attention knows that the guy in the White House has no real identifiable credentials.  There is nothing he can hang his hat on from his past.  Nothing to impress, nothing to brag about or have great pride in.
He is a ghost, a wisp, invisible, indeed he is the 21st Century version of the Emperor who has no clothes.  To hug him is akin to hugging a cloud.  There is nothing there to grab on to, to point to or to hold.  Zero, zip, nada.
The bigger question perhaps is how could someone like him be elected to the highest office in the land.  It is frightening more so that a nation of educated people would turn over the keys to the kingdom to a man such as this.  It is the truest example of handing the fox the keys to the hen house.  Why should we be surprised that a man with no substance himself, accomplishes nothing of substance.  It is "we the people" who are the fools.  Obviously, the Czechs know something many Americans may not.

And if that doesn't make a point for you maybe this will.  Either way it doesn't bode well for us, especially if we get four more years of this mess.

Monday, August 13, 2012


You have to give the guy credit on his birthday at least.  Ever since taking power in 1959, and despite the best efforts of the U.S. , Fidel Castro is celebrating another birthday today.  He's on his 11th U.S. President and still going strong.  He has been given up for dead more times than I can remember but yet, like that old Timex Watch, he keeps on ticking.  
Say what you want about the guy but, he is truly a survivor.  The last man standing of the old Cold War leaders, Castro must have been born with a built in rabbit's foot.  Many in Cuba love the guy and his following is almost god-like, despite the generally poor living conditions for so many in that country.  He has outsmarted the U.S. on so many occasions over the past 50 plus years that it's not even funny.
It's as if we've all grown up with this guy and he is a part of my memories from junior high school when we were all being brainwashed to hate him and everything he stood for.  Though I don't like his ideology. I do respect his resourcefulness and longevity.  So Happy Birthday Fidel and many more you old cold warrior you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It's a fantastic testament to the achievement of science and engineering when humans on a planet tens to hundreds of millions of miles away can land a two ton object, blindly, on the surface of another planet, that is inhospitable at best. 
Think about what NASA has achieved with this most recent effort.  Think about it long and hard because it is, phenomenal, fantastic and unbelievable at the same time.  Yes, we've been to the moon, yes we've sent spacecraft to the edge of the solar system, yes we've had tremendous success with space telescopes etc., but, this recent achievement ranks up there with the best of them.

When you take the time to ponder space, time and distance, it is quite humbling.  When you consider that man has been able to achieve such awesome heights of invention, technology, engineering and spaceflight in such a short time, one can only be amazed.  The fact that the Mars Rover Curiosity was successfully landed on Mars should be a sense of pride for all Americans and all people of our planet.  Imagine if all people on this planet got along and worked together instead of fighting wars and threatening  one another, the possibilities would be limitless.  I expect the Mars Rover to be an even more amazing success over the next few years as it sends back data, photos and other information in order to broaden man's understanding of the universe.  Congratulations to NASA and all the individual people who made this possible.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Truer words may never have been spoken.  Sometimes it just is worth sharing, so here is some wisdom I found on
Many in the younger generation are perilously close to being lost for a variety of reasons.  Some causes can be blamed on the parents for making things too easy, ignoring parental responsibilities in favor of being "buddies,"  not allowing their children to experience failure,  and a variety of other reasons.   But, there is an equal amount of blame that can be placed on the youth themselves.  Lack of motivation, laziness, over-infatuation with technology, among others. 
I think this article would be good one to read at future high school graduations.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One Face of Bias
This article sums it up better than any other I've ever seen. So much information "given out" by the Media has little to do with facts and a great deal to do with their having an agenda.  (A very UN-American agenda in my opinion)
I have NO trust in news reporting on TV, NONE!  It's not only what they say but, what they don't say and we all need to keep that in mind.