Friday, August 27, 2010


In response to Glenn Beck's upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial to "Take Back America"  and to restore honor and integrity to the country, The Reverend Al (I really don't have a church or congregation but I get all the tax breaks) Sharpton is having a counter rally in opposition.  SO let me get this straight, Sharpton OPPOSES restoring honor and integrity to our country?  He also opposes honoring the memory and ideals that Martin Luther King presented at the same spot over 40 years ago to the day, right?  I mean why else would you have a counter rally?  People don't have counter-rallies to support the main rally so it's pretty clear to me that Sharpton must stand in opposition to things like honor and integrity.  That's what his actions tell me.  
This certainly exposes Sharpton to everyone for what he truly is, a race-baiting, opportunist who plays the race card constantly and is willing to compromise and stand in opposition to the very principles of the Civil Rights Movement.  
Isn't it funny that Beck's effort to make a positive contribution to return America to its core values and principles, (many of which Dr. King advanced as well) would be opposed by a so called black leader, who claims to represent so many.  His actions here should finally and unequivocally expose him for what he truly is, an opportunist, whose only goals are to advance himself and not the betterment of blacks OR our nation. It's pretty clear that Sharpton's actions in this instance and in many others is a result of his fear.  I'm referring to his fear of losing his voice, power and control over so many black people.  I mean (heaven forbid) the nation moves toward unity, honor, integrity, cooperation and racial harmony, hucksters like Sharpton would be out of business.  He and his ilk certainly don't want that. 
Hopefully, Beck's efforts will lead to a stronger commitment by all Americans to unify behind the core principles and values that made our country great, and for which Dr. King fought and died.  As a nation we are running out of time and any efforts to return us to our strengths as a nation should be supported and not countered.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is proposing more taxes and increased fees to pay for highway and bridge construction and for mass transit, particularly effecting Philadelphia and Pittsburgh public transportation systems.

If you remember this isn't the first time he's played this card.  This guy never thinks about cutting spending or eliminating waste.  All he knows is to get taxpayers to keep paying more.  In my opinion, he has to be the worst governor our state has ever had and that is saying something.
Those of us living in this state know that our roads and bridges are decaying at a rapid rate along with a good deal of our infrastructure and this goof has had seven plus years to help but, instead all he has done is make it worse.


How is it that the press in the US has become so jaded in their views and reporting?  It seems like more and more reporters are taking sides in reporting the news and they are not interested in the least in trying to hide it.  Reporters with an agenda are pushing a viewpoint rather than retaining their objectivity.  They are quite sly sometimes because it may not necessarily be what they are saying but, rather it may be what they are NOT saying, in other words, what they leave out.
None of this may have any effect on you or I since we are getting our news and info in a variety of ways, not the least of which in the internet.  Thank god for the ability to come on here and actually get some unbiased sources.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Now don't get me wrong I fully understand the scope of the tragedy that occurred at the off road truck  race in the Mojave Desert near LA recently.  I'm sorry for the loss of life and the pain and suffering of those involved but , come on, what kind of idiot would take his family to watch large careening trucks speed along a windy dirt road with a multitude of twists and turns and blind spots AND stand only three or four feet back.  It proves once again that stupid moments no matter how brief can have horrific results.  It's hard to imagine what innate quality would give a sensible person the idea that this was a good thing to do.  In viewing the video it's unbelievable to me that someone could be so stupid as to put him or herself and their family and friends in that kind of a risky situation.  It is quite a head-scratching thing to figure out what these people were thinking.  Now I hope I'm wrong but I'll bet that the victims and their families will be looking for a scapegoat in the form of someone to sue, and someone they can blame for their own really bad choices.  If only people would use their brains a bit more and do what is smart in the first place,  instead of what might pleasure them for a few minutes, accidents like what happened here could be avoided.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here is a list of some of my pet peeves.  I've left the door open to add some in a Part 2 later.  Please feel free to comment or add some of your own.

1.  People who don't use their turn signals

2.  People who use their turn signals  for one or two blinks at the instant they are making a move.

3.  People who exit or enter a door or room from the left instead of the right.  (It's America Jack---STAY TO THE RIGHT!

4.  People who don't call you back in a month and then say, "I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to call."  (What a bunch of BULLSHIT.  You mean to say in a 30 day timeframe you haven't had TWO FREAKING MINUTES?)

5.  Disclaimers on TV ads or on the radio.  (This pill can kill you 10 different ways but, you should buy it anyway.)

6.  Car dealers that try to make their prices seem low by putting in the small print that you must have a $5,000 trade or down payment.   (Good luck buying that $20,000 car for $13,000)

7.  People who worship athletes or entertainers.

8.  Automated phone calls.

9.  Crooked career politicians

10.  People that can't follow rules.  (Yeah, STOP does mean the car shouldn't be moving)

11.  People who walk their dogs and don't carry poop bags (Yes we all have neighbors like this)

12.  The constant amount of times lately that the "race card" is being played by people with an agenda

13.  Weathermen or women who can never get it right.  They tend to always miss the big ones.


Notice anything in common with these folks? 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


28,000 dead since 2006 right across our southern border should make us more afraid of neighbors directly across the Rio Grande rather than worrying about those thousands of miles away. With all its drug violence spilling over into the southern USA, Mexico is proving to be a much bigger threat to our security than any country from the Middle East or South Asia.  
The brutality that is occurring including beheading and mass executions, should be the number one priority of the US Government.   As this continues unabated it will soon certainly spill into America and we will see our own country attacked by these heavily armed drug lords.  What will it take for our government to secure and seal off our southern border?  Most likely it will probably be a large military like attack by these drug cartels against US law enforcement.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well you really can't but, perhaps if you went to work and spent some time working instead of expecting to get something for nothing, you would probably have one by now.  The trouble with so many people is they truly expect something for nothing.  What made this country great is the work ethic of it's people over the past 100 years and not the freeloader mentality that made (SOME) of you click on the above title that brought you here to this website.  My advice is if  you want an Iphone, I pod or Ipad then by all means go to work, save some money and go out and buy yourself one you lazy good for nothing bum.  It's evident that many people believe that if they stick their hand out long enough someone will fill it up for them.  WRONG!!!