Friday, August 27, 2010


In response to Glenn Beck's upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial to "Take Back America"  and to restore honor and integrity to the country, The Reverend Al (I really don't have a church or congregation but I get all the tax breaks) Sharpton is having a counter rally in opposition.  SO let me get this straight, Sharpton OPPOSES restoring honor and integrity to our country?  He also opposes honoring the memory and ideals that Martin Luther King presented at the same spot over 40 years ago to the day, right?  I mean why else would you have a counter rally?  People don't have counter-rallies to support the main rally so it's pretty clear to me that Sharpton must stand in opposition to things like honor and integrity.  That's what his actions tell me.  
This certainly exposes Sharpton to everyone for what he truly is, a race-baiting, opportunist who plays the race card constantly and is willing to compromise and stand in opposition to the very principles of the Civil Rights Movement.  
Isn't it funny that Beck's effort to make a positive contribution to return America to its core values and principles, (many of which Dr. King advanced as well) would be opposed by a so called black leader, who claims to represent so many.  His actions here should finally and unequivocally expose him for what he truly is, an opportunist, whose only goals are to advance himself and not the betterment of blacks OR our nation. It's pretty clear that Sharpton's actions in this instance and in many others is a result of his fear.  I'm referring to his fear of losing his voice, power and control over so many black people.  I mean (heaven forbid) the nation moves toward unity, honor, integrity, cooperation and racial harmony, hucksters like Sharpton would be out of business.  He and his ilk certainly don't want that. 
Hopefully, Beck's efforts will lead to a stronger commitment by all Americans to unify behind the core principles and values that made our country great, and for which Dr. King fought and died.  As a nation we are running out of time and any efforts to return us to our strengths as a nation should be supported and not countered.

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