Monday, August 16, 2010


Now don't get me wrong I fully understand the scope of the tragedy that occurred at the off road truck  race in the Mojave Desert near LA recently.  I'm sorry for the loss of life and the pain and suffering of those involved but , come on, what kind of idiot would take his family to watch large careening trucks speed along a windy dirt road with a multitude of twists and turns and blind spots AND stand only three or four feet back.  It proves once again that stupid moments no matter how brief can have horrific results.  It's hard to imagine what innate quality would give a sensible person the idea that this was a good thing to do.  In viewing the video it's unbelievable to me that someone could be so stupid as to put him or herself and their family and friends in that kind of a risky situation.  It is quite a head-scratching thing to figure out what these people were thinking.  Now I hope I'm wrong but I'll bet that the victims and their families will be looking for a scapegoat in the form of someone to sue, and someone they can blame for their own really bad choices.  If only people would use their brains a bit more and do what is smart in the first place,  instead of what might pleasure them for a few minutes, accidents like what happened here could be avoided.

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