Saturday, December 29, 2012


As I sit here and ponder the passing of another year of my life into history I have to admit I've become very reflective and appreciative of the past.  I've actually been this way much of my life and I'd like to think I've always been thankful for the people who have played a role in my life over the years.  Some of those people have been around for a long time, some for a short time and I can say truthfully, I really try to appreciate all of them.  I think a great deal about how we tend to forget people from our distant past and concentrate only on people in our present.   I am determined to remember all, regardless of their influence.  Elementary and High School classmates, people I met in college, those I've worked with, coached with, played with, attended church and Sunday school with, and those in my life right now.  
For the past several years I've been going to the funeral home to visit parents of my high school friends, old teachers, and former neighbors.  I've made up my mind not to forget those folks, even though I haven't had contact with many of them for years.  I am determined to remember that at some time in my life, at some specific point of my existence, these people interacted with me and had an impact on my life.  I don't think that should be forgotten.  My old second grade teacher, a high school friend's parents, my old neighbors from the street I grew up on.  They all were important to me at some point.  Maybe for a short time, maybe for a long time but, either way, they were important.  I just don't think people like that should be forgotten.  
My suggestion to anyone reading this, is for you to sit down and remember the good times in your life and the people who were there with you.  Maybe your 7th grade buddy's mom, who fed you when you came over to play or, that old teacher who taught you to read or gave you a pat on the back when you needed it, or any of a hundred other people who happened to be sharing the Earth with you in this brief flicker we call life.  Think about them, appreciate them and if they still happen to be around call or visit them.  Life is extremely short and in the realm of cosmic time, we are only here for a flash and then we are gone.  Appreciate those you were lucky enough to exist with.  Make them part of your thoughts.  Enjoy the memories, find a way to acknowledge them, then take a few moments to reflect. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Before I start let me say that I am not an overly religious person and don't profess to be anything more than spiritual but, I do have an observation I've noticed on the TV coverage of these various shootings in the news lately.  
Why is it that people will deny God all  year long, in every form yet, when there is a tragedy like the shooting in Newtown  Connecticut every public official and media member on TV is constantly spouting off with the disingenuous comment, "I'd like to offer my/our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families?"  Why is it suddenly OK to acknowledge God but, only at a time when it serves one's interest?  Let's face it, most of the media, politicians and other talking heads could care less when God is denigrated all year long yet, when it serves their interests, they suddenly want to appear politically correct and they offer us these hollow statements.
The same thing happens during Christmas.  They like to play to the masses and as soon as the time passes, they move on back to their Anti-Christian behavior. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Is everyone noticing how stupid local news is becoming?  I know the dumbing down of everything in this country is going on but, it is really noticable on the local news.  They run  the most annoying teasers all day long pitching their "upcoming news stories" in a desperate attempt to draw viewers.  Unfortunately, their "news" is really not new, nor is it very informative or thought provoking.  They make mention of some local crimes, then it deteroiates from there.  Next is usually a story about a dog or cat that has been abused,  or some local person who is running in a charity race.  That is followed by a story about a bridge being demolished in China.  Then the grand finale is about how a couple met and had their first date at a local amusement park.  Of course there is also the obligatory ten minute weather forecast ( which appears aimed at panicking people) and the sports report.  Usually their version of "the news" has been out on the internet all day or in some cases, a couple of days.  All in all, it's pretty much a waste of time.  I quit watching consistantly a few years back.  Meanwhile there are major events of historical importance that go totally unreported or are just briefly mentioned so there is more time for the really stupid (non-story) stories. 
It shouldn't be any surprise that this ocurring.  It mirrors the deline in American Culture.