Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Is everyone noticing how stupid local news is becoming?  I know the dumbing down of everything in this country is going on but, it is really noticable on the local news.  They run  the most annoying teasers all day long pitching their "upcoming news stories" in a desperate attempt to draw viewers.  Unfortunately, their "news" is really not new, nor is it very informative or thought provoking.  They make mention of some local crimes, then it deteroiates from there.  Next is usually a story about a dog or cat that has been abused,  or some local person who is running in a charity race.  That is followed by a story about a bridge being demolished in China.  Then the grand finale is about how a couple met and had their first date at a local amusement park.  Of course there is also the obligatory ten minute weather forecast ( which appears aimed at panicking people) and the sports report.  Usually their version of "the news" has been out on the internet all day or in some cases, a couple of days.  All in all, it's pretty much a waste of time.  I quit watching consistantly a few years back.  Meanwhile there are major events of historical importance that go totally unreported or are just briefly mentioned so there is more time for the really stupid (non-story) stories. 
It shouldn't be any surprise that this ocurring.  It mirrors the deline in American Culture.

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