Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It seems like you can't go a day without hearing about education reform.  I think what we really need is family reform.  Over the last 30 or 40 years the American Family has been under attack.  The attacks have been carried out in many ways.  Methods used to subvert the family have been carried out on TV,  in magazines,  and in the entertainment industry as a whole.  It has been slow and subtle but, very effective.  There has been a general decay and it continues today.  We are influenced to consider "the modern family" normal.  Now it's "partners" and more and more single parent shows, show with openly gay characters and shows that demean men in every possible way.  The TV dad is now a weak, incompetent buffoon, incapable of being responsible for his family.  Women are continually elevated to positions of toughness and manliness beyond reality.  Now in the cop shows a woman can use her karate skills to take out one two or even more men in hand to hand combat. 
It just never ends.  The family is portrayed as a scattered , non-unified group of individuals, each making it on their own, without much coheasion. 
Once upon a time the Cleavers sat at the dinner table and dealt with all the issues of the day.  Dad came home from work to a meal and he dispensed the wisdom and strength to make the family function.  Now dad is shown as weak (if at all) and mom is a working lady who keeps in touch with the kids on a cell phone.  What a mess we have made of our county and its once greatness.  What a mess. 

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