Monday, November 12, 2012


What's up with the idiotic obsession we are developing with our cell phones (smart phones)?  Sitting at the mall today I was noticing how many people were walking through the place while talking on their phones.  Some of them were alone and engaged in heavy conversations with some invisible partner.  Others had people with them but, instead of talking to the other human walking alongside them, they too were more interested in the party at the other end of the phone.  
It's quite sad to see such a dependance on technology and the inability of folks to put down the cell phone, even for a little while, and be a little bit more human.  I don't know about you but, when I'm walking with someone I don't appreciate it when they are talking and talking with someone on a cell phone.   I realize there may be a need to take a call or make one but, not to be on the phone the whole time I'm walking with them.  Even more annoying are those self important folks who have a Bluetooth shoved in their ear and it looks like they are walking around talking to themselves.   When did we become so self important that we need be in constant communication?  I mean really constant, never ceasing communication.  It's crazy to sit and watch how people do this everywhere, all the time.   We are becoming controlled by this never ending, expanding technology.  It has infiltrated our lives so much that it is taking over people's ability to deal with other humans directly.  We don't want to see people face to face.  We would rather talk on a phone than sit with someone and sometimes we don't even want to do that, we would just rather text them.  So we don't even have to talk to them at all.  None of this is good for us as a society,  It's very much like a runaway train coming down the mountain.  We are just losing more and more of ourselves and our humanity.  Our choice of slavery is no longer to men but, to technology.

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