Sunday, September 20, 2009


Has there ever been a more reckless idiotic ex-president in the history of the United States? Carter was President during the era of 12% unemployment, 18% inflation and the greatest period of military weakness in US History. Now he is treated as if he was some great visionary and authority mainly because our neutered media refuses to call him out on his comments. Carter's comment that people opposing the current Socialist Administration at Tea Parties and other organized events are racist. Typical statement coming from a lefty like Carter whenever they are faced with the truth and can't come up with any factual evidence or proof to support their off the wall statements. He is so pathetic in resorting to this kind of generic claim.

Friday, September 4, 2009


 A recent article by Caroline Baum on highlights the disastrous direction we are being led by the Obama Administration in regard to the Healthcare debate. Ms. Baum clearly points out that Obama has already eclipsed the number of allowable gaffes that any fair minded person would be willing to allow someone in his position.
She points out that the President fails to explain how the government will provide MORE healthcare for LESS money, explain why increased demand for medical services without an accompanying increase in supply won't cause rationing, or why he touts a Medicare-like model when Medicare is going bankrupt. Baum notes a recent Obama quote at a town hall meeting where he is asked how private companies can compete with the government Obama's response was, "if the public option has to be self-sustaining--meaning taxpayers aren't subsidizing it.........." She goes on to point out the glaring weakness in Obama's response by indicating that government programs aren't by definition, self-sustaining, as the President incorrectly believes but , are subsidized by the taxpayer. For a person not to know this, especially an esteemed Harvard Grad, who happens to be President of the United States is inextensible.
She concludes that either he doesn't understand the health insurance reform plans in Congress or he does understand and is being "untruthful" about their impact.
So we are left to decide whether our leader is ignorant of this pressing issue or if he is just simply lying to us about it. Neither option inspires much confidence in him or Congress for not calling him out on these gaffes.