Friday, January 29, 2010


If my government really cared about me then TV or Radio advertisers wouldn't be able to use disclaimers by flying them across the TV screen in a blur or have someone  read it at a high rate of speed on the radio. Nor would they be permitted to blast commercials at decibel levels much higher than the programs we are watching or listening to.
If my government really cared about me they would stop hiding tax increases under the veil of different names.  If my government really cared about me they would permit assisted suicide if and when the time comes that it would be my choice to die with dignity.
If my government cared about me they would stop spending so much money they don't really have and learn to live within a budget each year, just like I do.
If my government really cared about me they would stop trying to police the whole world and stop spending so much of my tax money on wars instead of on protecting the homeland.  If my government really cared about me they would stop the flood of illegal immigrants coming in to the country and seal our borders to keep us safer.  If my government really cared about me they would stop continually playing the game of "political correctness and diversity" to constantly appease one minority or another.  If my government really cared about me they would work to provide good jobs for my children and others and help or encourage businesses to stop outsourcing those jobs to foreign nations.  Finally, if my government really cared about me they would follow the laws of the Constitution and use Common Sense when making decisions instead of political expediency.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BROWN WIN , Change We Can Believe In?

Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts Senate race is not only amazing but historic.  The messages sent by this win are many and critical.
It sends the message that the American people are fed up with the current Administration and the direction they are forcing (yes forcing) the country with their total disregard and aversion to following the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers.
It also puts the brakes on the disgraceful process of passing this so called, Health Care Reform Bill, with it's thousands of pages and indiscernible content and should let the politicians in Washington know that the people are watching.  For a Republican to win a seat that has been in Democratic hands for almost 50 years is astounding.  It has to be poetic justice that Ted Kennedy, long time proponent of Health Care Nationalization and left wing liberal extraordinaire helped cause this Democratic debacle by refusing to step down prior to his death.  Kennedy has long manipulated the Massachusetts political scene to his benefit and continually played politics with the system right up to his death.  This adds to the satisfaction of Brown's victory, knowing Kennedy is turning over in his grave (or on the spit in Hell most likely) while Mary Jo Kopechne must be smiling from above.
Congratulations to the people of Massachusetts for standing up to the Kennedy sham legacy and that of his cronies and not electing a "politics as usual" liberal into the US Senate.
Too bad the people of Minnesota didn't have the same level of courage and intelligence a few months ago when they voted in that diaper wearing nincompoop.  We should all take a lesson from the courage and determination of our friends in Massachusetts

Monday, January 18, 2010

HAITI.....A Glimpse of Our Future?

Is it possible that the events unfolding in Haiti including the looting and violence, food and water riots and lack of effective response are a portent of what would happen right here in America, in the wake of a catastrophe such as a massive earthquake or nuclear explosion?   Perhaps we've already seen it to some degree following Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.  When events like these occur it can show the best and worst of humanity.  
Are we fools for believing that our government can come in and restore order and "save us" from each other.    The idea that many of us keep in the back of our minds that the government can do everything all of the time is unrealistic.  Sadly, I believe we are getting a preview of what will happen here in the event of disaster of Biblical proportions.  Not only is there the physical danger of folks running amok on each other in the area where the disaster happens but, the ripple effect throughout the nation as the economy tanks, food and water supplies run short and people get the idea that there will be shortages.  Need I give more examples than what happens when the weatherman calls for a big snowstorm.  Here in my area if folks think that any accumulation of snow is coming, they immediately run to the grocery store for food and toilet paper.  This has become a standing joke around here.  It doesn't matter that even if we do get six inches of snow, the roads are cleared fairly quickly and those same supplies could be purchased in the next day or two with no problem.  The announcement itself sets off a mini-panic and it makes me wonder about what would happen in a real catastrophe, when folks are willing to trample each other for some toilet paper and a quart of milk.
I'm disturbed to look at what is going on in Haiti and I am equally disturbed to think how similar it would (will) be here sometime in the near future.

Monday, January 11, 2010


It's easy to see why the terrorists have a good chance of winning this war.  First and foremost, they are prepared to wage this battle for generations not months or years like we are.  Americans don't have the will to fight any long term battles.  We bore very easily and want everything over with...yesterday.  We don't have the resolve to engage in this kind of thing.  Plain and simple, they will outlast us.  The recent statement by the president sending additional troops to Afghanistan in a surge but, indicating an 18 month window before they must start to be drawn down, is a prime example of this self-destructive philosophy.   We are dead in the water, neutered or whatever term you like to use.  Basically, with this kind of thinking, we should just kiss our ass (and those of our children and grandchildren) goodbye.
Secondly, we now have an administration that is not even willing to use the term, "terrorist" in describing these individuals and their actions.  We would prefer to worry about the rights of these killers and for what?  To show off this supposed "great system" we live under.  What great system, that bird flew away a long time ago.  Our country has lost its identity and is awash in diversity.  This diversity is killing us.  Not because it's a bad thing to accept others but because of what is being done to us under the pretense of this diversity.  The terrorists and others who would do harm to this country have already infiltrated us enough that they can use our own laws against us.  So as a result what we have is Muslims buying property in the US and using the protections of private property to train for their Jihad, right here in the USA, and guess what, there is nothing we can do about it.  
We are in essence, as predicted, bearing the seeds or our own destruction.
Finally, we insist on coddling these terrorists.  We are closing Gitmo, giving them lawyers, rights under our Constitution, banning torture and putting them on trial in American cities and expecting a good result?  Who are we kidding, start teaching your grandkids the Koran, they will need it in their version of America.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Is it me or are the so called New Year's Eve Celebrations on TV a collection of garbage? Nothing is available for the viewer over 50 to enjoy. I guess the bigwigs at the networks feel that we all want to watch Black Eyed Peas and Fergie along with that geek, Ryan Seacrest. But, I guess this shouldn't be a surprise as this is pretty much the trend all year long. Sad how there is really no entertainment on TV comparable to the old shows like Sullivan, Gleason, Skeleton, Martin or Burnett. These moronic "entertainers" couldn't hold a candle to any of the above and the guests they used to have on their shows. Now its, flash some boob, jump around like a monkey, grab your crotch and lick the microphone that passes off as entertainment. We are being fed slop as if we are a bunch of pigs and sadly there are no options other than not to eat. Ah well, I could afford to lose a few pounds anyway.


Well here we go again. Another new year and another chance to try to get it right. This will be the two thousand and tenth time we have tried without success to get things in this world all straightened out. Will this be the year? Hopefully but let's face it probably not.
Someone really needs to find a formula to fix all these problems pretty soon.
Wars, Hunger, Violence, Crime, Drugs, Intolerance, Child Abuse, Terrorism, Typhoons, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami's, Crooked Politicians, Gangs, Wildfires, Pandemics, Alcoholism, Taxes, Pyramid Schemes, Fraud, Depression, Nuclear Chaos and so on and so on.
I don't know about you but, I've been waiting for God to do something about this all but, it doesn't look like he wants to get involved. It kinda makes me think he is up there just watching all this unfold like some Television Show. Probably, God's Channel, Channel 1. It's all a bunch of Crime Dramas and the like for God to watch and enjoy. He probably says, "Hey I ain't getting involved" "don't want to ruin a good thing."
Obviously all that praying doesn't help because God has his headset up too loud. Can't hear ya!!!