Friday, January 28, 2011


Now I'm not saying this woman isn't cool in a lot of ways.  Her charm, folksy style and speaking ability put her ahead of many entrenched politicians in D.C. right now.
All that aside, the question of being able to lead the country well, is another story.  Now I understand she has become a rallying point for the Tea Party Conservatives and others in the Republican Party but again, that in itself is not tantamount to being a great leader, and lord knows after Obama gets done wrecking things, only a truly great leader can try to put things right.  In my humble opinion Palin wouldn't fit the bill. 
It is ignorant to gripe about Obama's lack of experience then, turn around and claim Palin, a small town mayor and two year governor, has enough to qualify her. We can like Palin, the way she speaks out, her perceived fearlessness and even her charm but as of now I think she may have another role to play.
As to my choice, I don't have a specific name in mind but I do have a few parameters of what  a good candidate would be.
First, I believe military experience is essential.  Having leadership experience provides a person with an excellent "world view"  an ability to make difficult life and death decisions and the good judgment of knowing when to use restraint and when to engage.  Another advantage to a former military leader as Chief Executive is the subtle message it sends to other world leaders, especially our enemies.  They will know by default that they are dealing with a no-nonsense, no screwing around, person who will follow through.  Now of course, I'm talking about an Eisenhower type of military leader and not a Carter type.  
Secondly,  I think it has to be a man. It doesn't matter the color.  Sorry, I know it isn't PC but, we can't think about how we in America look at it, or how it makes us 'Feel Good" about ourselves. (And if you are truthful, you know all this PC BS over the last 25 years has gotten us in this trouble already)   We have to look at the perceptions of our enemies and those that wish us harm.  Going toe to toe with Iran and North Korea, with a woman President (which they would never respect or fear) is like having Obama in there.  A leader that commands the respect and fear of the crazies out there running other countries is in our best interest.
Finally, it would be icing on the cake if this person also had some previous governmental leadership experience, perhaps as a governor or big city mayor.  Having experience in anything never hurts and it would be useful in a person's vision to have inside  experience in how the system operates.
So there you have it: military experience, male and having an established political background would make for a truly great leader.

Friday, January 21, 2011


     Where else but in the good old "sue happy" USA would an idiot walk while texting into a mall fountain, then turn around and try to sue the mall for her stupidity.  Look lady, you are a fool and we are all laughing at you but nobody would have know who you were.  You now chose to come in front of the camera to say you are going to sue the mall because the security people are laughing at you.  Who wouldn't laugh at someone who was so focused on her texting that she walked right into a fountain.  Get over it, it was funny but, to become an ass and try to sue somebody for your embarrassment, just makes you look the bigger fool.
     We've all done things that made other laugh at us but, the smart folks join in to laugh at themselves too.  In this way people are laughing with you instead of against you.  Consider yourself lucky you weren't at the train station or subway platform.  Grow up and for God sakes get you head up from your phone when you are moving around.  Grow up!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


With all the reckless spending and debt our politicians are amassing for us, it's pretty clear we are headed for the abyss.  It really wouldn't be a stretch to say that all of them should be arrested and charged with treason.  
Think of it, we have survived so much in the 20th Century, wars, earthquakes, diseases and the like but, we will most likely be brought to our knees internally, by the very people that should be doing everything to protect us.  Our political system has become so corrupted that it is unable to stop itself from destroying us.  Apparently, the career politicians, in an effort to save their own positions, are willing to sacrifice the nation in order to maintain their own corrupt fiefdoms.  
Now I'm not saying that any of them are taking up arms to destroy America directly, rather, I'm saying that their policies and actions have put into place a system that is collapsing in on itself.   It's just a matter of time before the whole thing comes crashing down and we are in anarchy, fighting each other in the streets for necessities.  Tic Toc Tic Toc!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


No great surprise that after the shootings in Tuscon Arizona, idiots from the left, who conveniently forget all the vitriolic rhetoric from so many of their own talking heads, pundits and politicians, are trying to politicize the  incident by blaming everyone from Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh for the actions of a deranged lunatic.  
My feeling is anyone who spends a lot of time and energy trying to battle these dolts by using facts and examples is wasting their effort.  You can't deal rationally with these people because they don't acknowledge that facts are relevant, they have an agenda that naturally opposes American Values and Traditions and they have no desire to engage in rational discussion or problem solving.
Their basic goal is the destruction of America in a multitude of ways, from tearing down the family to promoting the erosion of our nation's values and traditions.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm watching the news this evening and I see these two sisters who were released from prison in Mississippi on the condition that one donates a kidney to the other.  My point is not to get into the reason they were in prison (some say the punishment was too harsh)  or even the benefits of transplantation.  I don't even care that the Governor of Mississippi stated that he didn't want the taxpayers to deal with the burden of continually caring for these two.  My real interest is that I'm wondering how these two women (or anyone for that matter) can spend 16 years in the prison system, where one could assume, their lives were tightly controlled 24 hours a day, COULD BE SO DAMN FAT?  How in the hell does our prison system, which feeds these people, allow them to be continually obese for all these years?  I think it's damn ridiculous that we have these kinds of people incarcerated all that time and no one helps them diet.  Shouldn't the prisons be able to control the intake of food of its prisoners?   If we can't help them any other way, we should be helping them get in some kind of physical condition.  It is a disgrace for all involved to allow these people to eat and eat without control.  There is no excuse to allow 300  pound prisoners coming out of prison after spending sixteen years behind bars.  
Where are all the health nuts and those who are so concerned with our nation's obesity epidemic? 

Friday, January 7, 2011


     There are many things that happen in our world that just don't make any sense.  A lot of times we really don't pay much attention to these things and go on with them as if nothing is wrong.   I've been trying to pay closer attention to this stuff lately and have noticed a few of these.  Allow me share below.  
     I've been trying to figure out if abortion is not murder and women get these all the time, why is it then that when a person kills a pregnant woman, he or she is charged with two murders.  I'd really like an explanation for that one.  Woman ends her pregnancy, effectively killing the fetus, it's OK.  Guy shoots and kills his pregnant girlfriend, effectively killing the fetus, double murder charge.  
     Secondly, how is it that we always consider people guilty based on an accusation with no apparent proof.  A woman tells police a guy pushed her, guy gets arrested and charged.  At this point, it doesn't matter if he is cleared later.  In the eyes of most he is already guilty and is treated as such.  The guy has to prove he didn't do it.  I didn't think our wonderful system of Constitutional protections was supposed to work like that.   Which brings me to another one.  Did you ever notice how the newspapers and television will run the story of the guy being accused on the front page or at the top of the news but, when he clears his name days, weeks or months later, it's never reported at all or at best ends up at the bottom of page ten in the paper.  It really doesn't seem fair does it? 
     Why is it that during the holiday season people who don't speak to you all year on the street suddenly want to talk?  I've always felt if you don't want to speak to me all year, why do want to talk to me now.  There's nothing worse to me than a phony.  
     How much worse is it going to get with political ads?  It's gotten to the point that I dread the campaign season.  Countless mailings, phone calls and the awful repetitive ads on television in which the candidates no longer tell us what they will do but, are more interested in bashing the opponent.  The negativism has pretty much come to represent the corruptness of our major political parties and the goons that run them.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Regardless of where you stand on  the issues in the news ,I feel pretty confident in saying that there are certain groups and individuals in this country that are doing everything they can to destroy it.  Whether they be Hollywood Celebrities, network anchors, educators or individuals like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or crooked politicians, in my opinion, there is a movement afoot to wreck our country.  This is being done over a long period of time by destroying the concept of family, instilling an attitude that there is no wrong and that everything is acceptable, forcing us to accept lifestyles we don't agree with, creating massive debt or continually pitting the races against each other.  As we continue down this path we will see more and more similarities with the end of the Roman Empire.  The difference will be that we have seen it coming and have had a long period of warning but, the commonality is that both will have ended with the same result.  It is only a matter of time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Organized religions have been and continue to be the most damaging things to life on this planet.
More damage and destruction have been perpetrated on humankind in the name of God and Religion than in all the plagues, catastrophes and wars combined.  The destructive forces of Islamic Militancy are just the most recent manifestation of this devotion to blind faith and allegiance to one's religion.  The shear hippocracy of appearing in a place of worship to pray to one's God then, leaving the site to go out and kill or maim someone else,  is astounding.
Truth be told, this has been going on for thousands of years dating back to the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and all the rest of "civilized men."   It will continue unabated until people come to the realization that they are merely tools of these religions and the zealots who practice them. Even people like Thomas Jefferson were leery of the effects of religion on men.