Friday, January 21, 2011


     Where else but in the good old "sue happy" USA would an idiot walk while texting into a mall fountain, then turn around and try to sue the mall for her stupidity.  Look lady, you are a fool and we are all laughing at you but nobody would have know who you were.  You now chose to come in front of the camera to say you are going to sue the mall because the security people are laughing at you.  Who wouldn't laugh at someone who was so focused on her texting that she walked right into a fountain.  Get over it, it was funny but, to become an ass and try to sue somebody for your embarrassment, just makes you look the bigger fool.
     We've all done things that made other laugh at us but, the smart folks join in to laugh at themselves too.  In this way people are laughing with you instead of against you.  Consider yourself lucky you weren't at the train station or subway platform.  Grow up and for God sakes get you head up from your phone when you are moving around.  Grow up!

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