Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm watching the news this evening and I see these two sisters who were released from prison in Mississippi on the condition that one donates a kidney to the other.  My point is not to get into the reason they were in prison (some say the punishment was too harsh)  or even the benefits of transplantation.  I don't even care that the Governor of Mississippi stated that he didn't want the taxpayers to deal with the burden of continually caring for these two.  My real interest is that I'm wondering how these two women (or anyone for that matter) can spend 16 years in the prison system, where one could assume, their lives were tightly controlled 24 hours a day, COULD BE SO DAMN FAT?  How in the hell does our prison system, which feeds these people, allow them to be continually obese for all these years?  I think it's damn ridiculous that we have these kinds of people incarcerated all that time and no one helps them diet.  Shouldn't the prisons be able to control the intake of food of its prisoners?   If we can't help them any other way, we should be helping them get in some kind of physical condition.  It is a disgrace for all involved to allow these people to eat and eat without control.  There is no excuse to allow 300  pound prisoners coming out of prison after spending sixteen years behind bars.  
Where are all the health nuts and those who are so concerned with our nation's obesity epidemic? 

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