Friday, January 28, 2011


Now I'm not saying this woman isn't cool in a lot of ways.  Her charm, folksy style and speaking ability put her ahead of many entrenched politicians in D.C. right now.
All that aside, the question of being able to lead the country well, is another story.  Now I understand she has become a rallying point for the Tea Party Conservatives and others in the Republican Party but again, that in itself is not tantamount to being a great leader, and lord knows after Obama gets done wrecking things, only a truly great leader can try to put things right.  In my humble opinion Palin wouldn't fit the bill. 
It is ignorant to gripe about Obama's lack of experience then, turn around and claim Palin, a small town mayor and two year governor, has enough to qualify her. We can like Palin, the way she speaks out, her perceived fearlessness and even her charm but as of now I think she may have another role to play.
As to my choice, I don't have a specific name in mind but I do have a few parameters of what  a good candidate would be.
First, I believe military experience is essential.  Having leadership experience provides a person with an excellent "world view"  an ability to make difficult life and death decisions and the good judgment of knowing when to use restraint and when to engage.  Another advantage to a former military leader as Chief Executive is the subtle message it sends to other world leaders, especially our enemies.  They will know by default that they are dealing with a no-nonsense, no screwing around, person who will follow through.  Now of course, I'm talking about an Eisenhower type of military leader and not a Carter type.  
Secondly,  I think it has to be a man. It doesn't matter the color.  Sorry, I know it isn't PC but, we can't think about how we in America look at it, or how it makes us 'Feel Good" about ourselves. (And if you are truthful, you know all this PC BS over the last 25 years has gotten us in this trouble already)   We have to look at the perceptions of our enemies and those that wish us harm.  Going toe to toe with Iran and North Korea, with a woman President (which they would never respect or fear) is like having Obama in there.  A leader that commands the respect and fear of the crazies out there running other countries is in our best interest.
Finally, it would be icing on the cake if this person also had some previous governmental leadership experience, perhaps as a governor or big city mayor.  Having experience in anything never hurts and it would be useful in a person's vision to have inside  experience in how the system operates.
So there you have it: military experience, male and having an established political background would make for a truly great leader.

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