Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Probably the dumbest description of a black person in America is to refer to them as an African American.
In my estimation calling someone an African American refers much more to their national background than their skin color.  It's true that f you come from an African Nation and you are black then you could be an African American.  However, on the other hand, it is possible to come from an African nation and be white yet, still be an African American.  Now I know that this is what really irritates some of the American Black Folks.  They don't want to share this special designation with anyone else regardless of the validity of the issue. 
Let's say for shits and giggles you come from Egypt to the US and become a citizen.  You are not black but, white, aren't you still technically an "African American."  Now I know it pisses off some people to hear an Egyptian American referred to as an African American.  That kind of thinking just strengthens the argument of those who say that US Blacks are more racist than any would be willing to admit.  I've seen this discussion really piss off some black leaders.
It's advantageous for black Americans to be the only ones referred to as "African Americans" because it gives them an identity they can share with others of the same color, whether or not they come from Africa.   They are protective to the point of anger of this sweet little scam they have going and don't want to see it hijacked by a non-black individual.   It's important to keep in mind that not blacks are Africans and not all Africans are black.
Also, I don't get the thing with these names that American blacks have been coming up with. I'm sorry but naming your kid Cheniqua or Chantrell,  Sashaya or Levon only proves how lame your thinking is regarding you being an "African American."  These are simply not names that have any connection or relation to Africa.  If you really were hip with your roots you would be naming your kids Abena, Abeke or even Anum.
Finally, isn't it safe to assume that if pride yourself in being of African decent and having this history that runs back to the evil days of the slave trade, you might actually know something about Africa?   Next time your "African American" buddy gets on his soapbox about his roots, ask him a couple of questions about his so called homeland.  I'd bet dollars to donuts you'll get a quizzical look and he won't be buying your next drink.

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