Sunday, February 27, 2011


Events unfolding in Wisconsin prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the union hierarchy is more interested in maintaining the status quo so they can keep drinking at the public trough.  It doesn't matter to these clowns that the states are broke and we are continually asking government to spend money it doesn't have.  The result of this destructive path is to bankrupt our children and grandchildren.  I guess the Unionistas in Wisconsin and those they are shipping in really don't care much about the future of this country and of their own sons and daughters.  
The best part is nobody is seeking to ban unions or even (in the case of Wisconsin) stop them from bargaining for wages.  The Wisconsin Governor is being realistic and along with the majority of legislators realizes that they have no money to continue to pay out all the demands to please the unions and their leadership.
The path we are on in America right now is very dangerous.  Our country is slowly fragmenting and is losing its identity.  The selfish and self serving behavior of those in Wisconsin who are union supporters,  will only hasten the pace at which we will all fall into the abyss.

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