Monday, February 7, 2011


No matter how many billions the NFL makes, it appears it is never going to be enough.  The latest display is the mess at the Super Bowl in which the NFL tried to squeeze in a few thousand seats into Jerry Jones Cowboy Stadium by adding temporary seating.  Now keep in mind these "junk seats" were sold at $800 a pop but, the league's dream of a few extra bucks were  dashed by the local Fire Marshal, when he refused to grant a temporary permit for the added seating due to safety code violations.
Now imagine the anger and frustration of the poor folks who traveled hundreds, if not thousands of miles to the game, in lousy weather, only to find they had no seat and would be forced to watch the game on TV. 
What a disgrace!   Your billions aren't enough for you Mr Goodell?  You need to squeeze in a couple thousand more seats into a stadium that already holds a hundred thousand?  Dumb ass! 
The league solution is to give those folks triple their money back for the tickets but, when you count in travel expenses, time, effort and all the other costs, it won't come close to being fair compensation.  My suggestion (other than stop the greedy behavior that lead to this in the first place) is to give the people triple their money back AND an additional $7500 for their pain and suffering.  What a debacle the whole event was.  From the butchering of the national anthem by that ditzy blond Cyndi Lauper clone, Christina Agulira,  to the poor quality halftime show, it was one of the worst Super Bowls ever.

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