Tuesday, May 29, 2012


There are many beliefs that have come and gone in my life.  Going back to my youth I can recall having an active imagination.  You remember imagination, it existed before the so called, advancements in technology, before the internet, the laptop, the Netbook or the iPad.  It was even before cell phones, laser surgery, or satellite TV.  It was a time when you could take a large card board box and turn it into a fort, when you had to figure out ways to make  your own fun, to keep yourself busy and actually "think," on your feet.  
There was the myth of Santa Claus, the Tooth-Fairy, and The Easter Bunny.  I can't tell you how many hours of my life were put into waiting for the Tooth-Fairy to put that quarter under my pillow or, heaven forbid, A DOLLAR. Or the Easter Bunny who would hide that basket of chocolate somewhere in the house and the time I would spend running around trying to find it.  Best of all the myth of Santa Claus.  Starting at the beginning of the month, counting down the days, hoping against hope to get than new toy I would so desperately want each year.  
Eventually (though sadly), I came to realize that there was no Santa, or Tooth Fairy and that that basket of goodies I received every Easter Sunday, was strategically placed by my mother and not some overgrown Bunny. 
Lately, in my later years I've come to the realization of the falseness of another long held myth.  I am speaking of the myth that public schools are actually teaching and educating their students.  More often than not the student is learning despite the idiocy of the system.  Smart kids are going to learn regardless.  The downgrading of education began decades ago when the liberals pushed their way into education and began to erode the morals of the nation, while simultaneously destroying the family.  Today, the decline still continues.  Real learning and teaching has been replaced by standardized testing and the resultant, "teaching to the test" which has become a debilitating side effect.  As student are taught the test, they become good only at taking the test and not in actual learning.  Add this to the decay at home and you have a recipe for failure. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A story making local headlines in the Pittsburgh Area involves a thirteen year old girl walking out of a mall store with merchandise she did not pay for (aka stealing).  As the 17 year old clerk follows her out of the store, the thief turns and beats and kicks her silly.  
I don't think it will get much interest from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton nor, will it command national news headlines.
After seeing this video I am more and more aware of how difficult it is not to stereotype.  Keep in mind that this bruiser is only 13.  Yes, 13. 
I'm betting that that government check buys a lot of chips and candy.  Sorry for that stereotype.  Feel free to come up with an appropriate title for this video.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tooty Toot
Is there anything dumber than calling this sardine can a Smart Car?  It should be called the "dumbassmobile."   I can't figure out why anyone with an ounce of sense would put themselves and a friend or family member in this bucket.  There is no point of owning this thing, other than a pathetic person's desire to be noticed.  I don't think any group of self respecting clowns would get inside this thing.  The mileage is so-so,  there isn't much power and you might be the loser in a crash with your paperboy's 10 speed.  
I'm betting the owners of a majority of these things are either fools or  liberals who think they are saving the planet or trying to impress each other with their "greenness."  Opps, sorry, same thing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm sure you are as relieved as I am to know that Joe Biden is the VP.  I suppose we can all rest easily knowing that a man with his abilities is ready to step into the most powerful position in the country.  It's impossible to keep track of Joe's escapades anymore, as he keeps getting in deeper and deeper with each passing day.
Despite all his gaffes, keep in mind that he is the smarter, more experienced of the two .  That is something quite scary, if you think about it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


After news came out that President Obama admitted he ate dog meat as a youth, one might have expected the PETA NUTS to be going bonkers.  However, as per usual with this president and his many foibles, he seems to be getting another pass.  No outrage, no hateful comments, no dumping red paint on the White House Gates, nothing.  The silence is deafening.  I hate to say this AGAIN, but, imagine if it were Bush or another conservative who admitted to this kind of behavior?   I can almost guarantee that PETA would be on every news show in America and the liberal newspapers would have it on their front page.  The double standard continues. Wake up America and smell the coffee!