Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Now that it is abundantly clear that we have elected the most unprepared and incompetent President in our nation's history the question becomes, what can we do to survive until his term is up?  Is there any hope or should we all just go out in the back yard and start digging our own graves.
Forget the fact that this guy might not even be legally qualified to hold the office, it's probably too late to do much about that but, the big question is getting the country through the next 22 months.  Is there any way we can make it? 

Friday, March 18, 2011


(1) I can't figure out how any sane caring American can be in favor of continuing our uncontrolled spending.  Of course the key words here are "sane" and "caring."   If we break down our disagreements on issues to simply, "common sense" solutions, then this one is a no-brainer.  
(2) Why is it that some of the worst kind of people we know, also claim to be the most religious?  They show up in church every Sunday appearing very pious, then drive home flipping off someone who drives too slowly.
(3)  What does it say about our country when people like Charlie Sheen are honored and held in high regard, while those that die for their country are forgotten?  
(4)  Is it possible to walk in any public area for more than 60 seconds and not see someone walking and talking on a cell phone?    
(4)  What are the chances that the first ten minutes of the local evening news won't be filled with stories of the crimes committed by blacks?  This trend is quite sickening and yet if someone points it out then they must be racist.  It would really help stop a lot of the stereotyping if this crap would stop already.  
(5)  How long till our government realizes the War on Drugs is killing more people than the drugs themselves and consider legalizing them?
(6)  I'm hopeful the events in Japan don't spell the death knell for nuclear energy.  It will most certainly be under attack now more than ever.  If anything the world should come out of this mess, more aware of how better to secure these facilities and prevent what is happening in Japan today, from ever happening again.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Nothing invokes controversy like the topic of Abortion.  The two opposing sides have been battling over this issue for decades.  The battle really heated up when the Supreme Court upheld the right to abortion in the the Roe vs Wade Decision.  The vitriol and rhetoric that spewed from both sides shows no sign of lessening, even after nearly 40 years.  On the surface it doesn't appear that there will ever be universal agreement on what is the correct path when dealing with this hot button issue.
Understanding that, perhaps we should turn our focus to stopping the pregnancy BEFORE it occurs.  There is no question this has been difficult up to this point but, perhaps it's time to really develop a strategy to work this angle with our full efforts.  Trying to get through to young people regarding pregnancy prevention is a challenge but, it's worth pursuing.  Teaching young men to control their urges and promoting alternatives to their "intercourse at the drop of a hat," mentality may very well be an uphill struggle but, no more challenging than trying to teach the young ladies to keep their legs together and to stop feeling the way to "get" that boy they are after  is to allow themselves to be "violated."  
We as a society need to place a tremendous amount of renewed emphasis on stopping abortion by stopping the first step in the process and not the last.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


In looking at the situation in Libya and how the rebels are able to respond so well against the trained and established military, it makes me wonder how they do it.  Did you notice the strong resistance to the Libyan Army being put up by these "rebels?"  
When I hear the term rebels it makes me think of someone who was baking bread yesterday or working in the factory, then, by some sort of miraculous turn of events, is now beating back the forces of the career soldiers of the army.  What I don't get either, is where do they suddenly get all the guns, rockets and camo, we see on the news and in photographs?  It's like they had this stuff up in the attic and ran up to get it when the shit started hitting the fan.  Not only that, they are better at using it than the army.  Go figure!   I love that they all appear to have guns and endless ammunition to shoot into the air but, they can't grow a fricken tomato to feed themselves and we are supposed to pity them for being hungry.  The solution would be simple.  Put down your guns and go find a hoe and some seeds and work on feeding yourself and your family.  Make that your priority instead of jumping around in the streets, waving your fists and firing off your machine guns. 

Anyway, for the most part, war and violence is all these people understand.  For them it is a way of life and something that is passed on from one generation to the next.  This is why they are so hard to defeat.  They don't think in terms of, "I'm going to defeat you."  They think in terms of, "My grandson will defeat your grandson."  It's all long term for them.  They have the great advantage of patience.  That is a concept we Americans no longer understand.  Our "push button" mentality has trained us that results should occur in days or weeks or sometimes months but, certainly not years or even decades.  If we are defeated it will most likely be a result of our lack of patience and ability to complete a task in the long term.