Friday, March 18, 2011


(1) I can't figure out how any sane caring American can be in favor of continuing our uncontrolled spending.  Of course the key words here are "sane" and "caring."   If we break down our disagreements on issues to simply, "common sense" solutions, then this one is a no-brainer.  
(2) Why is it that some of the worst kind of people we know, also claim to be the most religious?  They show up in church every Sunday appearing very pious, then drive home flipping off someone who drives too slowly.
(3)  What does it say about our country when people like Charlie Sheen are honored and held in high regard, while those that die for their country are forgotten?  
(4)  Is it possible to walk in any public area for more than 60 seconds and not see someone walking and talking on a cell phone?    
(4)  What are the chances that the first ten minutes of the local evening news won't be filled with stories of the crimes committed by blacks?  This trend is quite sickening and yet if someone points it out then they must be racist.  It would really help stop a lot of the stereotyping if this crap would stop already.  
(5)  How long till our government realizes the War on Drugs is killing more people than the drugs themselves and consider legalizing them?
(6)  I'm hopeful the events in Japan don't spell the death knell for nuclear energy.  It will most certainly be under attack now more than ever.  If anything the world should come out of this mess, more aware of how better to secure these facilities and prevent what is happening in Japan today, from ever happening again.  

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