Sunday, March 6, 2011


Nothing invokes controversy like the topic of Abortion.  The two opposing sides have been battling over this issue for decades.  The battle really heated up when the Supreme Court upheld the right to abortion in the the Roe vs Wade Decision.  The vitriol and rhetoric that spewed from both sides shows no sign of lessening, even after nearly 40 years.  On the surface it doesn't appear that there will ever be universal agreement on what is the correct path when dealing with this hot button issue.
Understanding that, perhaps we should turn our focus to stopping the pregnancy BEFORE it occurs.  There is no question this has been difficult up to this point but, perhaps it's time to really develop a strategy to work this angle with our full efforts.  Trying to get through to young people regarding pregnancy prevention is a challenge but, it's worth pursuing.  Teaching young men to control their urges and promoting alternatives to their "intercourse at the drop of a hat," mentality may very well be an uphill struggle but, no more challenging than trying to teach the young ladies to keep their legs together and to stop feeling the way to "get" that boy they are after  is to allow themselves to be "violated."  
We as a society need to place a tremendous amount of renewed emphasis on stopping abortion by stopping the first step in the process and not the last.

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