Monday, December 13, 2010


News that can best be categorized as coming from the "duh" department indicates that a majority of Americans believe that the failures of education are the fault of parents and not teachers and administrators.  Well now, there is an interesting one for you.  It took years and a costly study to come to that conclusion, when I or most people with their eyes open and an ounce or two of common sense, could have figured that out for free in about, OH fifteen minutes.  As so many of today's students are not very motivated or really care all that much for learning, how hard would it have been to see that it has much more to do with their home life and how their parents are (not) preparing them for school.   In speaking to many elementary teachers, I am appalled to hear that a lot of kids are starting school now without knowing their alphabet or their basic numbers.  It really makes me wonder what is going on in the home.  Evidently,  not very much.  There is obviously a fundamental problem in American Society and to simply lay all the blame on the school is completely inaccurate.  Like so many aspects of our decaying society and culture, public education is in a great state of decline, with no end in sight.  This is why the increased spending of tax dollars is fruitless.  Without a major about face in how our families function we are doomed.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Once again the 11 o'clock news on KDKA begins with the weather.   All these morons know is to continually try to make some cold weather and a dusting of expected snow, into a major news story.  Basically, they continue to try to frighten people with this crap.  What does it say about your news when you continually begin with the weather.  The producer or whomever makes these decisions is an idiot.  The other two local stations do the same thing sometimes but, nobody does it as often as KDKA. 
This along with their penchant for showing abused animals shows how desperate this station is to try to create some news even when there isn't anything to report.  It would be nice if they had someone of intelligence to actually select true newsworthy stories to put on the air instead of the made up fluff and nonsense they show all too often.  
Unless it is a major catastrophic storm of some kind then weather is NOT news.  


It must be me but, the local TV Weathermen/persons are really getting on my nerves. I try to watch just to find out the next day's forecast but I really can't stand them any more.  With one exception they all have some quirks that drive me crazy.
First, KDKA's  resident narcissist Jeff Verszyla drives me crazy with this periodic eye bulges, staccato delivery and form fitting shirts.  If ever someone appears to be in love with himself, it's Jeffy.
Then there is that happy go lucky, bumbling Jon Burnett.  This guy has the biggest bags under his eyes of anyone on local TV.  I like to refer to him as "Bobbin Jon" because when he does the weather, he bobs around the set constantly, leaning left, leaning right then even leaning toward the camera.  WTAE's Stephan Cropper is probably the one I can tolerate the best.  He doesn't appear to have any major quirks that get under my skin.  He appears to be a sincere, nice guy and generally, tends to keep it simple.   His one drawback may be he lacks pizazz and for all intents and purposes is about exciting as a washrag.
Finally, WPXI's Julie Bologna.  First of all, he name.  You've got to be kidding right?  Seriously, what kind of goof keeps a name like that for TV.  Geez, what about Julie Blaine, or Julie Boone or even Julie Bond.  But Bologna, give me a break.  Where I come from Bologna is another word for Jumbo.  Yeah, the lunch meat!  Secondly that face.  When I tune in for the weather I don't want to be frightened.  But, in trying to watch this chick and not think she reminds me of someone that Mike Tyson beat on for 12 rounds.  Truly a butter face.  Yes, everything is hot "but her face."  
Now when I add in all these things with the fact that when you really need these saps to come through with an accurate forecast when it's need the most, it's now wonder I tune in to the radio or the Internet for my weather forecast.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I see in the news that PA's soon to be former Democratic Senator Arlen (The Traitor) Specter is upset by the partisan bickering in Washington.  Oh Boo Hoo Hoo poor Arlen, I feel sorry for you (not).  Suddenly, the guy with over 30 years of seniority in the Senate, the man who was a Democrat then a Republican then a Democrat again (because if was politically expedient) realizes that his Congress is partisan?  Wow, and it only took you 36 years to figure that out.  In all his years in the Senate, Arlen was all about doing what was best for him and his re-election.  Now that he's been booted by the voters of PA he is suddenly "concerned" about the gridlock and partisanship of Washington.   Please Arlen, just go quietly into the night so our state can begin to recover from 30+ years of your help.  Maybe he and outgoing Governor Ed Rendell can deliver Meals on Wheels or start a band or something.  Good riddance!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Governor Ed Rendell (hereafter known as the worst governor in the world) has once again spit into the faces of the Pennsylvania voter by stepping in to bail our one of the most corrupt and poorly run transit systems in the country.  The  Port Authority Transit (or PAT as it's known in these parts) has long been a poster child for how NOT to operate an agency.  PAT has wasted millions of dollars yearly in following poor management models, out of line union contracts, managers that have flat out padded their own pockets at taxpayers expense and generally mismanaged itself in every conceivable way.  Let's just say that if it were a private company it might have lasted a year but, since it is a public entity, there appears to be no shame in its wasteful operation. 
After the authority met last month and was finally forced to make cuts to routes and drivers and to trim expenses, in steps Rendell (like a fat white knight) with $45 million dollars, supposedly from projects in the state that we scheduled but,  never got off the ground, and used that money to ONCE AGAIN bail out this awful, mismanaged agency. 
PAT is a mess today, it was yesterday , it will be tomorrow and next week.  Some things never change.  January can't get here fast enough so we can say good riddance to this buffoon.