Thursday, December 9, 2010


Once again the 11 o'clock news on KDKA begins with the weather.   All these morons know is to continually try to make some cold weather and a dusting of expected snow, into a major news story.  Basically, they continue to try to frighten people with this crap.  What does it say about your news when you continually begin with the weather.  The producer or whomever makes these decisions is an idiot.  The other two local stations do the same thing sometimes but, nobody does it as often as KDKA. 
This along with their penchant for showing abused animals shows how desperate this station is to try to create some news even when there isn't anything to report.  It would be nice if they had someone of intelligence to actually select true newsworthy stories to put on the air instead of the made up fluff and nonsense they show all too often.  
Unless it is a major catastrophic storm of some kind then weather is NOT news.  

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