Thursday, December 9, 2010


It must be me but, the local TV Weathermen/persons are really getting on my nerves. I try to watch just to find out the next day's forecast but I really can't stand them any more.  With one exception they all have some quirks that drive me crazy.
First, KDKA's  resident narcissist Jeff Verszyla drives me crazy with this periodic eye bulges, staccato delivery and form fitting shirts.  If ever someone appears to be in love with himself, it's Jeffy.
Then there is that happy go lucky, bumbling Jon Burnett.  This guy has the biggest bags under his eyes of anyone on local TV.  I like to refer to him as "Bobbin Jon" because when he does the weather, he bobs around the set constantly, leaning left, leaning right then even leaning toward the camera.  WTAE's Stephan Cropper is probably the one I can tolerate the best.  He doesn't appear to have any major quirks that get under my skin.  He appears to be a sincere, nice guy and generally, tends to keep it simple.   His one drawback may be he lacks pizazz and for all intents and purposes is about exciting as a washrag.
Finally, WPXI's Julie Bologna.  First of all, he name.  You've got to be kidding right?  Seriously, what kind of goof keeps a name like that for TV.  Geez, what about Julie Blaine, or Julie Boone or even Julie Bond.  But Bologna, give me a break.  Where I come from Bologna is another word for Jumbo.  Yeah, the lunch meat!  Secondly that face.  When I tune in for the weather I don't want to be frightened.  But, in trying to watch this chick and not think she reminds me of someone that Mike Tyson beat on for 12 rounds.  Truly a butter face.  Yes, everything is hot "but her face."  
Now when I add in all these things with the fact that when you really need these saps to come through with an accurate forecast when it's need the most, it's now wonder I tune in to the radio or the Internet for my weather forecast.

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