Monday, December 13, 2010


News that can best be categorized as coming from the "duh" department indicates that a majority of Americans believe that the failures of education are the fault of parents and not teachers and administrators.  Well now, there is an interesting one for you.  It took years and a costly study to come to that conclusion, when I or most people with their eyes open and an ounce or two of common sense, could have figured that out for free in about, OH fifteen minutes.  As so many of today's students are not very motivated or really care all that much for learning, how hard would it have been to see that it has much more to do with their home life and how their parents are (not) preparing them for school.   In speaking to many elementary teachers, I am appalled to hear that a lot of kids are starting school now without knowing their alphabet or their basic numbers.  It really makes me wonder what is going on in the home.  Evidently,  not very much.  There is obviously a fundamental problem in American Society and to simply lay all the blame on the school is completely inaccurate.  Like so many aspects of our decaying society and culture, public education is in a great state of decline, with no end in sight.  This is why the increased spending of tax dollars is fruitless.  Without a major about face in how our families function we are doomed.

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