Thursday, December 2, 2010


Governor Ed Rendell (hereafter known as the worst governor in the world) has once again spit into the faces of the Pennsylvania voter by stepping in to bail our one of the most corrupt and poorly run transit systems in the country.  The  Port Authority Transit (or PAT as it's known in these parts) has long been a poster child for how NOT to operate an agency.  PAT has wasted millions of dollars yearly in following poor management models, out of line union contracts, managers that have flat out padded their own pockets at taxpayers expense and generally mismanaged itself in every conceivable way.  Let's just say that if it were a private company it might have lasted a year but, since it is a public entity, there appears to be no shame in its wasteful operation. 
After the authority met last month and was finally forced to make cuts to routes and drivers and to trim expenses, in steps Rendell (like a fat white knight) with $45 million dollars, supposedly from projects in the state that we scheduled but,  never got off the ground, and used that money to ONCE AGAIN bail out this awful, mismanaged agency. 
PAT is a mess today, it was yesterday , it will be tomorrow and next week.  Some things never change.  January can't get here fast enough so we can say good riddance to this buffoon.

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