Sunday, November 28, 2010


Folks would say thank you and mean it
Women stayed at home to anchor the family
People kept their sexual preferences to themselves
Kids played outside by their own choosing and didn't need encouragement to do so
People paid more attention to the small stuff
Education was valued and school personnel were in charge of the schools
TV viewing was a diversion taken in moderation and it was not a baby sitter
Personal information was personal
There was no such thing as video game violence
Personal responsibility was a trait all aspired to
Life was so very simple and enjoyable
Drugs were purchased at the pharmacy and used sparingly 
Credit cards were unheard of, if you didn't have the cash you did without and didn't miss it anyway
Children were children and not mini adults
Holidays were spent with family that all lived nearby
Everyone walked to school and walked home for lunch as well
Children were creative and resolved disagreements peacefully
There was no such thing as identity theft
We were young and all the promise of better things lay ahead
TV Shows were wholesome, modest, non violent and displayed values

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