Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well well, another unethical politician.  Gee what a shock to find that longtime Harlem Representative Charlie Rangel has been found guilty of numerous ethics violations by the House Ethics Committee.  Rangel has been involved in a multitude of shady dealings over the many years he has been serving (himself) in Congress.  Now don't expect Charlie to suffer too much because of this conviction since he has a lifetime supply of Idiots in Harlem to keep returning him to Congress as long as he wants.
Sadly, he is a poster boy for the disgusting and despicable behavior of a number of politicians in Washington.  It's baffling to those of us who would have the audacity to expect our politicians to serve honestly.  Shame on us.  

In a perfect world Rangel would be locked up and lose his cushy job and pension but in the dirty world of American Politics he will get a slap on the wrist from his peers and probably win reelection handily back home in Harlem.  Too bad!