Saturday, July 31, 2010


Crooks and liars all.  There could be many more that should be charged with ethics violations, or worse,  as time goes on.  It would be nice to see someone walk up and slap those smug pusses now wouldn't it?  They are both destroyers of America who have been leading a Congress that has been stealing and cheating us blind for many years.  I hope that all their deserving comrades are soon brought to justice as well.  No deals, no hiding any more.  Shine the light on them all, then vote them out as soon as possible. If you don't imprison them then take away their pensions.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


How many times have we seen crooked politicians proclaim their innocence in the early days after the news breaks of their indiscretions, tell us they can't wait to get the "truth" out and prove why the charges are wrong, unfair or drummed up?  You see this at every level of government when the corrupt are finally caught.  The attorney says, "my client can't wait to testify to set the record straight," or "he will definitely testify to get the truth out there and so on.  What a bunch of crap!  What ends up happening is the client ends up not testifying like in the current Rod Blagojevich case or they make a plea deal to avoid the facts being exposed, like I'm betting the current Charlie Rangel case will end up.  Time after time this happens whether at the state, local or national level.  These crooks and liars pull this nonsense and we are supposed to believe it  If only more people cared and ran these slime balls out of town.  What they count on is apathy and the fact that the great majority of people don't pay attention to the garbage they pull.  It's just an observation but, the early denials and the fake promises of "telling their side" are generally all bullshit.  The great majority of the time these rats never come through in the truth telling department.  All the more reason for term limits to break the decades long stranglehold on power they build.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It finally looks like white folks are beginning to tire of  constantly being referred to as "racists"   by blacks and other minorities.  I'm getting a sense that more and more whites are fighting back against these constant accusations , which most times are baseless.  It's become evident that in many cases minorities simply pull out this card when they are not getting their way or what they want.  If we are ever going to get past the past, this nonsense has to stop.  Unfortunately, it is still a weapon used by certain people who are benefiting from it, to continue the division in the country.  It may someday come to pass that Americans will get past this but, I'm betting it won't be in my lifetime or yours.  As of now this whole thing is getting quite tiring.

Monday, July 19, 2010

LOST.................THE REAL WORLD

After hearing another radio talk show host talk about life in the "real world,"  I decided I've had enough.  To talk about the real world of today and assume it is the "real world" that everyone else knows is simply not accurate.   To many today the real world consists of; vulgar and disgusting music lyrics, oversexed and violent movies and the belief that the government can, and should, do things for you.  
Sorry, but to me that is nothing like the "real world" I knew growing up.  That world consisted of; music with thoughtful and meaningful lyrics, movies that made you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your seat, or be very very afraid, without needing to show you all the sex and violence directly.  You had a bit of an imagination in "my real world."  There were honest to goodness heroes, who were giants on screen and ladies and gentlemen off screen.  Today's "real world" consists of too many celebrities who are Anti-American, lack class and dignity and are, in many cases addicts of some kind.  
My "real world" consisted of two parent households where child-rearing was the most important job, discipline was available when needed and TV didn't rule your life 24 hours a day.  Where newsmen reported the news and left opinion out of it.  It was a world where most people were motivated to work and had respect for themselves and pride in their accomplishment, no matter how small.  My "real world" consisted of American jobs in American factories and businesses that were run by Americans and could produce any product bigger and better than any foreign competitor.  It consisted of a public school system run by dedicated and underpaid teachers, who sacrificed and worked with every student until they learned.  Truly opposite of today's real world where students are dumped by the thousands into "special' classes and slapped with protected titles and learning is an accident not an intention.  
I could go on and on but, my point is that for people today to discuss the "real world" please be advised that your version and mine are sorely different.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


One noticeable shift in tactics by the Left Wing fringe has been their "putting out in front" their black members so as to allow them to constantly use the "race card" as a weapon against anyone who opposes Obama, his policies or their views on key issues.  Note the recent upswing in race baiting by people like Jesse Jackson (saying that the Cleveland Cavs owner was using a "slave owner mentality" when he criticized his best player for leaving the team and the way he left it).  Putting the Black Panthers back out in the headlines and their recent issues with voter intimidation in Philadelphia and their leader's call for the killing of white babies and white women.  The refusal of our (black) Attorney General to prosecute the obviously guilty members of the Black Panthers who stood outside the voting place with billy clubs.     Also out on the front lines now is the NAACP and their charge against the Tea Party as being a racist organization.  They know that their race card is the ultimate weapon and they are going to use it to keep the Tea Party in check.  It's going to get ugly, I'm sure. Anything to fuel the fire, blatant lies, or half truths, it really doesn't matter to them as long as they can keep hiding behind their color, in order to achieve their goals. 
What is sad about the whole thing is that a great majority of whites have tried to put the past behind them and move forward with the black community in America.  Unfortunately, the whole process of improving relations just keeps getting set way back by the actions of these so called black leaders and their organizations.
Thankfully, there is a growing movement of black conservatives who are seeking office or leadership roles and are calling out people like Jackson, Sharpton and others, that want to keep everyone locked up in the 1960's because it serves their own selfish agenda.  If the great percentage of black Americans who know what the leadership is doing to them so that they can maintain their control over them,  would speak up like Lt. Col. James West in Florida, Cedra Crenshaw in Illinois, talks show host David Webb and others, it would be a tremendous and uplifting act of unification in America unlike any we've ever seen before.  Sadly, at this moment in history the majority of blacks choose to remain silent and in essence, to remain slaves to their black leadership and the control they impose on them.  It would be a difficult move to make, to break out of that continually needy, give me, give me, give me mentality but some are doing it.  They recognize that the opportunities are there for black Americans and all that is necessary to achieve great things is the willingness to throw off that old way of thinking, and to realize that their perceived slavery at the white man's hand, is actually being perpetrated on them by their own leadership.  It's no secret that welfare, Section 8 housing, drugs, guns etc. are useful tools in keeping people down and dependent.  This is what Jackson, Sharpton and all the rest count on to keep themselves in control and living the high life.  It is sad to see the "blissful ignorance" of the masses as they kowtow to this manipulation.
White Americans are not helping either by allowing this sort of stuff to go on without challenge.  Just as blacks need strong leaders to speak up against the abuses of this "phony playing the race card, whites need to take a stand against this constant drumbeat of false charges and race baiting.  They need to quit being afraid to confront the lies and call out these liars.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Al where have you been?  Haven't been visible much lately, why?  Just when you were building your popularity and about to take that giant step...............and now you are gone, what happened?

Oh I see, well that explains it then. Better lay low till the heat is off.  Perhaps a massage for relaxation? 


Well  it looks like the Black Panthers are making a bit of a comeback according to reports on the Drudge Report, Breibart and other web news sites.  Looks like the plan is to kill white babies and white women.  Sounds like a pretty good plan.  Nice to hear that this is going to be the contribution of some of these folks.
Unfortunately, a few extremists on all sides seem to dominate the news rather than the millions of people that get along in this country.  It doesn't make news that blacks and whites get along by the millions but it's the idiots that get the attention.  Hopefully the Black Panthers don't speak for a majority of black folks just as the KKK doesn't speak for a majority of whites.   We need to focus on the reality of that and not the few idiots that get the medias attention.