Monday, July 19, 2010

LOST.................THE REAL WORLD

After hearing another radio talk show host talk about life in the "real world,"  I decided I've had enough.  To talk about the real world of today and assume it is the "real world" that everyone else knows is simply not accurate.   To many today the real world consists of; vulgar and disgusting music lyrics, oversexed and violent movies and the belief that the government can, and should, do things for you.  
Sorry, but to me that is nothing like the "real world" I knew growing up.  That world consisted of; music with thoughtful and meaningful lyrics, movies that made you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your seat, or be very very afraid, without needing to show you all the sex and violence directly.  You had a bit of an imagination in "my real world."  There were honest to goodness heroes, who were giants on screen and ladies and gentlemen off screen.  Today's "real world" consists of too many celebrities who are Anti-American, lack class and dignity and are, in many cases addicts of some kind.  
My "real world" consisted of two parent households where child-rearing was the most important job, discipline was available when needed and TV didn't rule your life 24 hours a day.  Where newsmen reported the news and left opinion out of it.  It was a world where most people were motivated to work and had respect for themselves and pride in their accomplishment, no matter how small.  My "real world" consisted of American jobs in American factories and businesses that were run by Americans and could produce any product bigger and better than any foreign competitor.  It consisted of a public school system run by dedicated and underpaid teachers, who sacrificed and worked with every student until they learned.  Truly opposite of today's real world where students are dumped by the thousands into "special' classes and slapped with protected titles and learning is an accident not an intention.  
I could go on and on but, my point is that for people today to discuss the "real world" please be advised that your version and mine are sorely different.

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