Thursday, July 29, 2010


How many times have we seen crooked politicians proclaim their innocence in the early days after the news breaks of their indiscretions, tell us they can't wait to get the "truth" out and prove why the charges are wrong, unfair or drummed up?  You see this at every level of government when the corrupt are finally caught.  The attorney says, "my client can't wait to testify to set the record straight," or "he will definitely testify to get the truth out there and so on.  What a bunch of crap!  What ends up happening is the client ends up not testifying like in the current Rod Blagojevich case or they make a plea deal to avoid the facts being exposed, like I'm betting the current Charlie Rangel case will end up.  Time after time this happens whether at the state, local or national level.  These crooks and liars pull this nonsense and we are supposed to believe it  If only more people cared and ran these slime balls out of town.  What they count on is apathy and the fact that the great majority of people don't pay attention to the garbage they pull.  It's just an observation but, the early denials and the fake promises of "telling their side" are generally all bullshit.  The great majority of the time these rats never come through in the truth telling department.  All the more reason for term limits to break the decades long stranglehold on power they build.

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