Thursday, May 26, 2011


MSNBC host, Ed Schultz apologized for referring to conservative talker, Laura Ingram as a slut on his recent show.  Schultz has been suspended for one week, without pay, for his remarks and has apologized.  Now that this has been all said and done, we need to consider the cause of what drove Schultz to make such an idiotic statement in the first place.  
In watching the comments, interviews and general attitude and demeanor of the liberal main stream media, one gets the feeling of a feeding frenzy and Schultz is a primary example.  It's as if these left-wing liberals have a constant nose for blood in the water.  It appears that nothing is off limits to them as they gorge themselves, much like, blood-sucking leeches, in their efforts to disparage the conservatives at every opportunity.  
It must be noted that many liberals have no conscience, nor do they have a concern for facts, when it comes to presenting their ideology.  It seems like many lifetimes ago that reporters just reported the news and did not take a position or push an agenda.  Most caring Americans will agree that Ed Schultz is a blowhard, wacko liberal, assigned to a third rate network and that his outlandish views and comments should be ignored.  Though this may be true for the most part, it is equally dangerous to allow idiocy like this to stand unchallenged.   We can agree that name calling like this is child-like behavior but, sometimes even a child's behavior is dangerous. 

Monday, May 23, 2011


One doesn't have to search very hard for a multitude of examples on how America can destroy itself.  We are seeing examples every day that prove we on the fast track to self destruction.
It appears that the trend is irreversible, especially when we notice the politicians who are driving us there.  Many from both parties are only concerned about themselves and their continued reelection.  Some are blatant.  They lie, cheat and dishonor the memories of so many of our nations great founders,  both in Congress and in the White House.  It is an outright disgrace to be forced to observe these crooks in action.   Some, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, don't appear to care one bit that we are on to their deceptions.  They are hell bent on destroying the country as long as what happens benefits them.  
Just consider the following recent events that prove my point.

(1)  The disgraceful overspending and debt these clowns are incurring.
(2) Involvement in three war zones that risk the lives of our troops and add to our economic woes
(3)  Unchecked gas prices that have nothing to do with supply and demand but rather, the greed of Wall Street Bankers.  This with little effort on the part of our politicians to put a stop to it.
(4)  A large portion of the media, the so called fourth estate, who should be looking out for the nations best interest, that are blatantly biased and one sided.
(5)  A large division within the population based on race.  Much of this today is caused not by actual prejudice or discrimination but, by individuals and groups willing to perpetuate the division for their own gain.  
(6)  Loss of jobs and business because of idiotic governmental practices that favor outside interests over our own.   Allowing outsourcing of jobs with no effort at taking action against those companies that do this.
(7)  Allowing multi-billion dollar companies to pay little or no taxes while they export jobs and downsize their U.S. operations.
(8)  Not protecting our borders while allowing the free movement of illegals throughout the country 
It would be easy to go on and on with these examples.  Unless changes are made at the highest levels, it appears our self destruction is imminent.  Though there are politicians of both parties that are guilty, it seems that the election of liberal democrats creates a much greater risk.  Hopefully, a political party with a concern for the legal citizens of America and an understanding of our nation's history and a vision of the future, will organize to oppose the entrenched politicians of both sides.  

Friday, May 13, 2011


I've reached the conclusion that the majority of problems we have in America today are the result of people who lack intelligence and therefore are unable to deal with daily situations without causing trouble.  I believe it's not anger, hate or even, evil.  In my view, stupidity is the culprit.  
I understand that not everyone can be blessed with intelligence and as a result, we have a large group of folks who go around and cause problems in everything they are involved with.  We've all had to deal with these kind of folks in our daily lives.  They are prone to start arguing or fighting at the drop of a hat.   Should you say something to them they don't like (or understand) they get angry.  If you try to rationalize something with them,  they get angry.  Facts don't matter to stupid people and neither does proof or evidence.   When you are stupid and don't understand what an intelligent person is trying to say or do, your first response is anger.  In my opinion many stupid people can't help themselves.  When your brain is not fully developed and able to process any intellectual ideas, it should not be a surprise that the reaction will usually be negative.  
An intelligent person can rationalize or laugh off a statement or action that might be offensive or ill-advised.  Unfortunately, a stupid individual can't.  Therefore, the angry response in immediate.  We have all worked with, went to school with, or just met in our daily interactions, people like this and have had to deal with them in some way.  
Let's face it the world would be a much better place if stupid people weren't around but, as we know,  with over 300 million people in America, we're going to have millions of them running around.  As intelligent people, we must try to deal with the stupid as best as we can.  It is as history would suggest, "the smart man's burden."

Friday, May 6, 2011


Dear Mr. al-Zawahri, 
We are looking forward to meeting up with you in the very near future.  



Sunday, May 1, 2011


In this great land of cultural and racial diversity, there is no ethic or racial group that can rival the "African" American in their need/willingness/desire to slap you in the face with a proclamation  of their "origins."   
Yes,  we have proud Polish-Americans, proud Italian-Americans, Irish, German and all the rest but, none is quicker or more "in-your-face" with their pronouncements of ethnicity than the black man.  
What makes this all humorous, is that in talking with the Polish, German, Italian guy etc., you can get a pretty good discussion of the history, politics or geography of their native lands and you will usually find someone well informed of their roots.
However, in talking with most "African Americans" and bringing up topics relating to  Africa, its nations, politics or history, most have no clue.  None, zero, zip, nothing.   What is amusing is that they are the first and LOUDEST to shout the praises of their "African-Americanism" despite not being able to identify anything noteworthy of their ancestry.  I'm wondering what percentage could even point to Africa on a map.  
Then there was the story a couple of years back about the college student from Egypt that tried to get minority preferences because he was an "African" American.  After all, he was from Africa (Egypt is in Africa) and he was an American.  However logical this all was to many folks, the guy was shot down because those in power didn't think his "color" was African enough.  In other words, "black" enough.  Now if this isn't the greatest proof of the true racism involved in the whole bullshit process of minority preferences, then nothing is.   This guy was way more African than many of the so called standard black "African Americans" that it wasn't even funny. What a bunch of crap.  And the funny thing was he really knew things about Africa.  
Now I suppose I'm being painted as a racist  for pointing this out but, the truth of the matter is it's an honest observation I have made over many years and encounters with folks of all kinds.  This is just something I have noticed,  have an opinion on, and to some degree find humorous and worth discussion.  
I don't think things in this country will ever improve as long as we continually divide ourselves into separate groups based on past historical origins.  This is the kind of stuff that works to keep us divided, not united.   If you want to go around shoving your ethnicity into everyone Else's face, regardless of what you are, then at least learn a little bit about what it is you claim to be so proud of and quit trying to use it as a weapon to get your way.