Thursday, May 26, 2011


MSNBC host, Ed Schultz apologized for referring to conservative talker, Laura Ingram as a slut on his recent show.  Schultz has been suspended for one week, without pay, for his remarks and has apologized.  Now that this has been all said and done, we need to consider the cause of what drove Schultz to make such an idiotic statement in the first place.  
In watching the comments, interviews and general attitude and demeanor of the liberal main stream media, one gets the feeling of a feeding frenzy and Schultz is a primary example.  It's as if these left-wing liberals have a constant nose for blood in the water.  It appears that nothing is off limits to them as they gorge themselves, much like, blood-sucking leeches, in their efforts to disparage the conservatives at every opportunity.  
It must be noted that many liberals have no conscience, nor do they have a concern for facts, when it comes to presenting their ideology.  It seems like many lifetimes ago that reporters just reported the news and did not take a position or push an agenda.  Most caring Americans will agree that Ed Schultz is a blowhard, wacko liberal, assigned to a third rate network and that his outlandish views and comments should be ignored.  Though this may be true for the most part, it is equally dangerous to allow idiocy like this to stand unchallenged.   We can agree that name calling like this is child-like behavior but, sometimes even a child's behavior is dangerous. 

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